Book Nook: Science in the Kitchen & Giveaway!


Science in the Kitchen Kid Kit (Bag)science-in-the-kitchen
Series: Usborne Kid Kits
Author: Rebecca Heddle
Binding ISBN Price
KT 978-1-60130-039-3 $11.99

• Ages: 7 years and up
• Pages: 24

Kit includes Science in the Kitchen book, Magic Bubble Wand with special tray, a child size blindfold, duck shaped sponge, plastic tray for dipping sponge and three large marbles.

This week I decided to review the newest book I gave to my son Parker.  He will be 6 in a couple of weeks and it was a Valentine’s/ early birthday present.  The name of the book is Science in the Kitchen. My friend, Sharon, ordered this for her son whom she home-schools and I thought we would try it out too.

Parker is in Kindergarten at Bethel this year and loves his day, but we like to do a little extra fun work at home. This was perfect, because every page has several experiments that you can do with your child with objects from your own kitchen.  The kit includes anything that would be needed that you might not already have handy.  So we had a fun night of experimenting.

Parker’s favorite experiment was when we combined the baking soda and vinegar to watch it fizz; and it fizzed right out of the glass and all over the counter.  Science can be messy.  Right now he is looking forward to seeing how clean the Coke gets our dirty pennies and how our dissolved colored sugar turns in to sugar crystals in a few days.

If you would like to learn more about this book or the other Kid Kits offered by Usborne Books go to Click on shop, then go the the category ‘Kid Kits,’ located on the left of the page. The hostess special in March is an extra $50 in free books on top of the amount that you would normally receive for having a party.  Thanks for reading!  Leave a comment, or feel free to e-mail me with any questions:


Since we didn’t have a Freebie Friday this weekend (Sarah was braindead from the party last week!), we will be giving away a family reading package from Usborne Books!

The “Summer Oasis Prize Package” includes:

Let your kids dream about summer while weathering this winter season!  Here is how to enter:

  • Visit my Usborne Books Website (click here) and choose a book you would like to read with your family.
  • Leave a comment on this post with an idea for an activity stemming from that book. (No pressure, just an idea!)

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  1. Sara Isaacs says

    This looks like fun.

  2. With the cute little book “Mouse About The House” you could make a little mouse on paper and make something for him to crawl through (cut a slit in a piece of paper) like in the book.

  3. subscriber

  4. Karen, “The Mouse About the House” craft is a great idea. The book even has a traceable mouse on the back so if you lose yours you can make your own. This is one of my children’s favorite books.

  5. The science kit sounds like a lot of fun! My boys would also enjoy the Springtime Fun Set to read about bugs/tadpoles and then see what we can catch in our own yard.

  6. subscriber

  7. I’m A Pill Bug looks great for my family. After reading it I am sure we would be searching for a new pet to add to our family.

  8. I think that I would like At Home. I think that I would after reading the book have my boys see how many things they could spot that were in the book in our home and make it a contest.

  9. subscriber

  10. shared by email

  11. The Little Children’s Cookbook. You could have your children pick one or two recipes a week to help with. I know mine are always eager to be in the kitchen helping out.

  12. Subscriber.

  13. Kristen E says

    I don’t want to win this because I am not allowed to win two weeks in a row. I just wanted to say that I got that book in a kids meal at Chic-fil-a a few years ago. I would check ebay for great deals on these books.

  14. I think the mouse book looks neat too!

  15. subscriber

  16. Just a note. The “Science in the Kitchen” book without the kit is $5.99. I am placing an order Saturday if anyone wants to e-mail me with a selection from the website I will include it with a previous parties order. There is 6.75% tax and 8% shipping. It is better to order this way than off of the website because shipping would be much less expensive for you. When looking at the website there are several codes to remember to help clarify cost differences, etc. P=paperback BD=boardbook H=hardback and the one people have the most questions about is L=which is library binding and unecessary unless donating to a local library. Please feel free to e-mail with questions and thanks for all of the great ideas and comments.