Boone Chick-Fil-A will close Monday-Thursday, Still Connecting on Facebook

This winter was not only hard on our trees and power lines. The heavy snow, salt and ploughs really did a number on roads and pavement! Next week, Monday-Thursday (April 12-15), Chick-Fil-A  will close in order to pave the parking lot.  So it means putting off your chicken craving, but also a shiny new parking lot on Friday!

They are also starting a fun new game on their Facebook Fan Page, called “Spot The Cow.” Each day Chick-Fil-A will post a photo of the new cow, Mini Moo in different locations. The first person to guess the correct location wins a prize!

So in spite of being closed, you can still have lots of fun with Chick-Fil-A on Facebook! Better go get some chicken this weekend!

disclosure: Chick-Fil-A is a Mom Squad sponsor..


  1. Kimberly Towle says

    The parking lot is suppose to be finished tonight, so Chick-fil-A is planning on being open for breakfast on Saturday!