Boone Mall Children’s Consignment Sale

I got a sneak peek at the Boone Mall Consignment sale last night, and they have TONS of great stuff! I was just telling my friend the other day that HipChick’s (7) pants are looking like high-waters because of a recent growth spurt! I didn’t want to invest in more pants since it’s almost spring. But last night at the consignment sale, I did get her some pants that fit. I didn’t feel bad at all spending $5 on Carters’ jeans, and $4 on some cute Carters’ knit pants.

Princess often gets slighted on shopping sprees because we already have all the hand-me-downs for her. But we were able to get her and Little Pea some cute spring dresses. Princess just had to wear hers with a sweater over it to preschool today!

The Boone Mall Consignment Sale starts Thursday during Mall hours. Get there quick!

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