Bugaloo Baby Shoes Review and Giveaway

Among the items I wish I’d known about when my children were younger: Bugaloo Soft Sole Leather Baby Shoes! I remember being so frustrated with those baby socks that kept falling off! Then, when they started trying to walk, those same socks would get filthy, while they slid across the wood floor. If we took the socks off, the little tootsies were freezing!

Enter Bugaloo shoes, created by young graphic artist Heidi Wells. These shoes are great quality, adorable, and affordable! I received the “doggie” shoes, called Dash. And they were just as awesome as they look on the website! The elastic ankle band is easy to get into, but stays on well. (unlike those pesky baby socks!) The sole is durable and soft, and the shoes are machine washable. Yay! But the best thing about these shoes is the price! Just $15 a pair!

Here are some more of my favorites:

I’m giving my pair to one of my best friends when her baby arrives in February, what would you do with a pair of Bugaloos?

Why? Because you can win a pair!!! Visit Real Life Review (click here) to enter!

The contest will be open through Thursday, November 13. The winner will be announced Friday.


  1. Amy Forrester says

    I just found out that a good friend who lives out of town is pregnant… what a perfect gift! Functional and easy to ship!

  2. we used robeez but, these seem cheaper and just as nice.
    a great gift for anyone!!

  3. You can find these same kind of shoes at Target for $12.99
    I bought a pair for my daughter from there yesterday!

  4. I just sent some of these to my cousin in NY who just had a baby.

  5. I would put these shoes on my little one. He is always slipping in his sock feet.