Can Eating Healthy Be an Unhealthy Obsession?

One of my favorite past times is discovering healthy foods, ways to cook healthy, and be an all around healthier person.  With disease and sickness all around us I feel as though there has to be an answer to a much healthier way of life than the general population experiences right now.  I regularly read blogs that support traditional eating habits, a paleo diet, and overall health.  I participate in forum discussions on healthy eating, scout out the best prices on healthy food for my family, take classes on how to keep my family healthy naturally and all around try to limit our exposure to processed, fast, and restaurant food.  Sometimes, the information can be a bit overwhelming, especially for someone that is just starting down a health food journey.  It seems like this expert or that is always giving out conflicting information causing many people to either just give up and go back to their old habits or to go into overdrive where they feel guilty when they have a piece of conventional chocolate cake.

Until recently, I didn’t realize that I was an educator by nature. I started realizing how important it was to educate myself on how to make  good decisions that are right for me and my family involving everything from health to childbirth.  I try to take each professional opinion only with a grain of salt.  I like to know my choices and maintain my right to choose.  I also enjoy teaching others and helping them make decisions that empower them and aid them to make the right decision for them.

But, the more I’ve researched, read, and participated in decisions on the topic of health the more I’ve found people that won’t go anywhere near white flour, white sugar, or dine out.  There are many people that bring their own food to events, picnics with friends, children’s birthday parties and the like.  And though I admit that once you start reading much of the health information out there much of  that information makes you want to stay away from the current American diet, the more I wondered if that mindset was healthy at all.  I mean honestly, good health is to be enjoyed and not to put fear into someone.  And, trust me it is easy when you start researching health in depth to live in fear.  We are really eating lots and lots of junk.

As a health food addict myself here is what I’ve decided.  Although I want to teach my children what eating healthy really is I do not want to make eating an unhealthy obsession for them.  And even though I don’t want them to eat white flour, white sugar, artificial colors, and the like as little as possible I don’t want to be crazy lady when it comes to a piece of cake at a birthday party now and again.  At the same time I refuse to ever buy cans of soda or candy.  I also don’t want to accept candy when it is given out at every little venue.  Plus, for myself I want eating healthy to be my go-to and I don’t care if I ever eat at the golden arches again.  I want to have a healthy obsession eating healthy rather than an unhealthy frightened that I will die if an unhealthy things touches my mouth.   I want to raise my kids to make the right choices with their food, and make sweets and other junk food only a rare indulgence.

What about you, can health be an unhealthy obsession?  What do you think?