The Blowing Rock Art and History Museum Offers Weekly Doodlebug Club

Let your child have fun using their imagination and introduce basic art skills at the weekly Doodlebug Club.


Doodlebug Club at BRAHM is an hour long class for preschool aged children on Tuesdays from 1-2pm. We start with a fun and educational art project. These projects concentrate on basic art skills such as holding your paintbrush, the primary colors, or holding a pair of scissors. Children are introduced to different art mediums like watercolors, crayons, oil pastels, clay, and colored pencils. We usually have time for each child to create several pieces of art! After clean up it is story time! It’s a great way to introduce your child to art and meet other children and parents.

For additional information, please contact Ethan Brooks-Livingston at 828-295-9099 ext 3004 or email

Michaels Hosts Free Family Craft Time Events

Michaels is hosting three free family craft time events. What a great way to bond with your family and make something home made from the heart. Below are the three craft options with the date and time of the event.

Free Family Craft Time:

Feb. 10 – Love Bug Card

Join us Monday, February 10th, from 5pm – 7pm, for Free Family Craft Time. Use the array of simple craft materials in each can to create whatever you can imagine! Offer available while supplies last.


Feb. 12 – Valentine’s Day Frame

Bring the whole family to craft a heartfelt Valentine’s Day Frame. Join us Wednesday February 12th, from 10 am – 12 noon for Free Family Craft Time. Use the array of simple craft materials in each can to create whatever you can imagine! Offer available while supplies last.


Feb. 12 – Tissue Paper Heart

Bring the whole family to craft a special Tissue Paper Heart. Join us Wednesday, February 12th, from 5pm – 7pm, for Free Family Craft Time


Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs

Are you dyeing Easter eggs this year?  Did you know that typical Easter egg dyes are made of petroleum based ingredients?   You probably aren’t planning on taking a big bite out of the egg shell, but many times those ingredients will still end up on your eggs.  Though I don’t want to gross you out or ruin your Easter fun, it is something that you want to consider when using store bought egg dyes.  The use of petroleum based products is getting increased recognition for research indicating that they causes cancer and Easter egg dyes are only of many sources that petroleum finds its way into our food.

Easter Eggs

You might not have even thought about all the natural colors and dyes that are probably sitting in your refrigerator right now.  There are many foods that give off the most glorious colors that you might want to consider when you are dying eggs this Easter instead of reaching for the store bought synthetic dyes.  You probably won’t even have to take an extra trip out of the house, and you may not even realize that these God given beautiful dyes are just sitting there waiting to be a glorious color for your Easter egg creations.

Many juices, fruits, veggies, and spices can make lovely colors for your Easter eggs.  The application on the egg shell will depend on what type of food you are using.  Be creative and feel free to dream up your own colorful creations.  This can be a fun experiment to get the kids involved to figure out what foods might be best to color your eggs.  Have lots of fun using my suggestions below or dream up your own  brilliant sources for egg color and try them out!

Remember with many of these colors the longer you soak the darker the colors will be. There are a couple of ways to dye these eggs you can boil the eggs along with some of the fruits, veggies, or herbs listed below or you can boil the fruit, veggie or herb, strain it, allow it to cool, and set your egg in the cooled water to soak up the dye.  When an item needs to be boiled to bring out color I’ve listed boil with eggs in parenthesis below.  Some dyes such as the grape juice or water added to the frozen blueberries you can simply sit your eggs in to soak up the color.  Have fun!




Beat juice


Red onion skins (boil with eggs)


Spinach (boil with eggs)


Purple Cabbage (boil with eggs)
Grape Juice
Frozen Blueberries
Frozen Blackberries


Lemon or orange peel (boil with egg)
Yellow onion skin (boil with eggs)
turmeric (boil with eggs)
cumin (boil with eggs)
carrot tops (boil with eggs)


red cabbage (boil with eggs)

Experiment, have fun, enjoy the beauty of God’s creation this Easter season by using foods as natural dyes.  Have you ever dyed eggs naturally?   Do you have any other suggestions that aren’t listed above?


By Elizabeth Cain of Sweet August Interiors

For a simple yet stylish decorating theme for your child’s room, look no further than the ABC’s!  It’s currently in vogue to decorate using letters and numbers, and they lend themselves wonderfully to any space.  Here are a few ideas and images to inspire you.

photo credit

  • Apply letters and numbers to the walls via decals or stencils.  Go big for impact!  Let the design have the effect of wallpaper.  In the bedroom pictured here, the variety of fonts and the muted-but-cheery color scheme make a gorgeous statement.

photo credit

  • Letters and numbers salvaged from old signs are tactile and interesting, and add punch to any space.  Purchase vintage versions or buy reproductions.  If you need a budget-friendly alternative, purchase paper-mache letters from a craft store and paint them yourself (perhaps even metallic!).  Rest them on a shelf or dresser, or mount them on a wall.


 photo credit

  • Decorate with wall cards, the new and oh-so-cute variety of educational flashcards.  Whether they boast letters or numbers, many are beautifully and whimsically illustrated.  For very little money, you’ll have art to cover a wall!  Hang cards with sticky-tack, clip them to twine stretched across a wall, pin them to corkboard, or go so far as to frame them.

Photo credit

  • Stylish alphabet and counting prints make a delightful yet also educational addition to your child’s room.  The poster pictured here is actually available not only in Spanish, but five other languages as well! (an online marketplace for artists) is full of adorable alphabet and counting posters in various styles.

Photo Credit

  • Last but not least, initials, monograms, ages and favorite numbers can be applied to pillows. (Whether or not you arrange those pillows to spell anything is your choice!)  Again, this is a design idea that could be ordered custom or done well as a DIY project.  The colors, font, shape, and size are up to you.

There’s no limit to the creative options when decorating with typography!  Look high and low for inspiration, and have fun using letters and numbers to make your child’s room educational and on-trend all at once.

Elizabeth Cain resides in Boone, NC, and loves being a mommy to her two toddler boys.  She has a Certificate in Residential Interior Décor from the Illinois Institute of Art, and recently launched Sweet August Interiors, a home décor consulting business based in the High Country of North Carolina.  Services include Custom Design Plans, Repurpose-What-You-Have Plans, and Party Design Plans.  Beautiful design is a passion for Elizabeth, and she believes a home ought to reflect its inhabitants, their lifestyle, and their loves, while also being comfortable, functional, well-organized, and, of course, lovely.  Check out Sweet August Interiors’ website  and Facebook page  for more information!