The Value of Experience

It’s so great to hear feedback about the Mom Squad from all kinds of moms! One friend, who has raised and home schooled three awesome boys, said she laughs every time she sees the Mom Squad site, with the pregnant mom, thankful that she’s past that stage.

I’ve been thinking about some of my… “more experienced”… mom friends. Moms of young kids tend to need something to connect with each other, and find out what’s going on. Many of us are staying at home while our kids are young, and if we work outside the home, there is so little time in the evenings before bedtime.

But it’s also important for moms with young kids to connect with … “more experienced”… moms, and learn from them. I value my friends who have been where I am and survived… not just survived, but thrived!

So I have a question for all moms.

As a more experienced mom, what is one piece of advice you would give a mom of younger children?

As a mom of younger children, what is one valuable lesson you’ve learned from someone who’s been there?

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All’s Quiet on the Picky-Eater Front

The Allied Parent Forces have recently had a significant victory against the Picky Eater Insurrection. After coercive, forceful action failed, The Allies were thrilled when their diplomatic negotiations were peacefully accepted. A truce was struck, and both armies have agreed to a cease-fire.

All that drama is to say that I’ve found a way to get my picky-eater four-year-old to eat what we make for dinner. One night last week, we served fried rice for dinner. I usually try to offer a variety of foods at dinner, and I don’t make them “clean their plates,” just eat some of everything. Well, Princess was not about to eat it, so of course, Little Pea followed suit. HipChick will eat just about anything, so we don’t have to worry about her.

The usual threats were lodged: no dessert, sitting at the table indefinitely; all of which were met with loud whining. Finally, we sent her to her room, where she whined and cried even louder, putting on quite a show for our benefit.

“No fair! HipChick likes everything! She never gets in trouble. It’s not fair, I don’t like rice!”

I went into her room, and sat on the bed with her. A flash of sympathy went through me as I looked into her big brown, teary eyes. She seemed to understand as I explained how we feel when she refuses to eat what we work to provide. Then I said, “How about we make a deal?” Princess loves making deals, so she perked up.

“How about you eat what we put in front of you for the rest of the week, then you get to pick what we eat on Friday? What ever you want except sweets.” You would have thought I offered her a trip to Disney world! She was so excited. She came right out to the table and proceeded to eat all of her fried rice.

She decided that night that we would eat pizza, oranges, and cereal on Friday, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Many of you probably already do this, and you’re wondering what took me so long to figure it out. But I guess we’ve started somewhat of a tradition. It went so well, that we decided to make every Friday “Kid’s Choice.” It’s so cute that every night at dinner, they talk about what we’ll have on Friday night.

Maybe someday in the near future, they’ll rise up again against their benevolent captors, but for now, “All’s Quiet on the Picky-Eater Front.”

How do you squelch the picky-eater rebellion?

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