Celebrating Local Summer Fun with Little Ones

Life with a newborn has been quite interesting over here.  Somehow I knew that having three children under four would be difficult.  But, somehow I didn’t know that having three children under four would be this difficult.  I feel like I have fallen behind on just about everything.  My newborn is now 5 weeks old and while I feel as though I should be catching up, instead I often feel like I’m slowing down.  I think we are adjusting, but it has been a struggle to maintain all the things I am responsible for and hold down the fort here at home.  You should see my living room, my bedroom, and my bathroom, it regularly looks like a tornado hit it (I’m not kidding).  I’m not sure if it is because I have three small children to care for or what, but I feel like it takes forever to do just about anything. At least, it takes forever to get every one dressed  and up and going.

Can anyone else out there share my experience?  Does anyone have any advice for me?

Either way, we here at the Webb household feel as though we still have managed to find a few High Country hidden spots to celebrate some summer fun.  I am always looking for fun and different things to do in the area that are specific to celebrating summer.   Here are a few High Country treasures that we have found lately…

Last week we went Blueberry picking at Old Orchard Creek out in Lansing.  Enchanting might best describe this beautiful farm.  The Blueberry fields were gorgeous and prices when you pick your own are oh so great!  You can pay $2 per quart when you pick your own or $4 per quart when you purchase already picked berries.  Plus, this farm doesn’t spray their berries with pesticides so you are getting these beautiful not pesticide ridden berries and something fun to do too!  They say that the season here will last about four more weeks, so don’t delay.  We ate three quarts of berries in about a half a week and don’t be surprised if you see me back there one or maybe two more times before the season ends.  And, I should not fail to mention that this farm is very kid friendly.  They really didn’t seem to mind that my kid at most of his berries before we went to pay for them.

Another little gem was The Farm at Mollies Branch out in Todd.  Diane Price, the farm’s owner is pleased to give you a tour if you call ahead.  Diane is wonderful with little people like my own.  And the kids loved that Mollies Branch has Lamas, a pig, and chickens galore.  Our children had an unforgettable time  playing in the dirt and hay, getting kisses from the lamas, and feeding the chickens.  If you want somewhere fun and educational to visit try out this little diamond in the rough.

We are on the hunt for more great places to visit in the High Country that are small child friendly.  Leave a comment on this post if you have any summer local gems for us to try out.