Celebrity Serve 2010 Serves Up FUN and Funds for Watauga Education Foundation! (GIVEAWAY)

Celebrity Serve 2010 is a Community Fundraiser for local charities. This year Watauga Education Celebrity Serve 2010Foundation is the beneficiary.  Each Year, the WEF raises and donates thousands of dollars to the school system in Watauga County!  When I was a teacher, I received a generous grant from the WEF for my music classroom, and so has my husband.  They are huge supporters of the arts in our schools, as well!

Celebrity Serve will be held on Tuesday, April 20, and I’ll be at Glidewell’s in Blowing Rock for dinner!

Each restaurant will donate at least 10% of all sales plus their servers will donate 100% of all tips to WEF. Come out to one or all of the following restaurants on Tuesday April 20 to be served by local celebrities. You may even see a big celebrity such as ASU Head Football Coach Jerry Moore and ASU Head Basketball Coach Buzz Peterson.

… And me… I wouldn’t really call myself a celebrity, just a mom with a big mouth.  But nevertheless, I’m excited to be serving at Glidewell’s (y’all know that’s one of my favorite restaurants!)  I would LOVE it if you would come out and heckle me! I’ve heard through the grapevine that Patrick Sukow (principal of Blowing Rock School) and Cullie Tarleton (NC Congressman) will be at Glidewell’s too!

Be sure and purchase a raffle ticket for your chance to win $3,000! Your own personal stimulus package! The WEF will use the money to fund Global Learning Technology at WCS and to bring Dolly Parton’s literacy initiative Imagination Library to Watauga County. Many of this year’s Celebrities are the teachers and principals from WCS schools. Make your dining dollars work harder and support the Watauga Education Foundation’s mission to help
each child reach their highest potential! Find out where your teacher is serving by visiting www.wefnc.org

To Celebrate Celebrity Serve 2010, I am giving away a $25 Gift Certificate to Glidewell’s so you can come! I know lots of us are struggling financially, but if you only eat out once a month, this is the day to do it! You can use it any time, but only on April 20th, will all the tips and 10% of profits be donated to the Watauga Education Foundation.  So I’m hoping you’ll grab lots of friends and come on over!

Here is how to enter the Contest:

  • Leave a comment on this post, saying your favorite project of the Watauga Edusation Foundation!  They do all kinds of things each year, including Shooting Stars Talent Showcase, Shooting Stars Golf Classic, Flapjack Flip. If you don’t know much about the WEF, share that too!

Get an EXTRA Entry when you do each of these things. LOTS of extra entries available! Leave a separate comment saying what you’ve done.

This contest will run through Friday, April 16, and the winner will be selected by random drawing at random.org.  Winner will be announced by email and our Winners Page.  High Country Residents or visitors 18 and older are eligible to win..


  1. Watauga Education Foundation gave $20,000 to fund 20 grants from Watauga County teachers! Check out the website: http://www.wefnc.org/programs_grants.html
    See you at Shooting Stars~ April 16th and Celebrity Serve~ April 20th!!!

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  3. i will go with shooting stars, because this year we can see judd make a fool of himself!

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  5. I have heard of some of the events put on by WEF but honestly didn’t know much about WEF until I read this post. Sounds great!

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  10. Shooting Stars b/c our famous Emma was a star!

  11. I love Shooting Stars because I love watching all of the little cuties who want to get out there and show their stuff!

  12. Shooting Stars is my favorite because the whole community gets so excited about it.

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  14. Shirley Shaw says

    Already friends with Glidewells… and grateful for WEF!

  15. Do know a lot about WEF. Have heard about the events. Now since my daughter is in school I need to know these things. Thanks for you site and info.

  16. I meant to say Don’t know a lot about WEF.

  17. I’m with some of the other ladies. I don’t know a lot about WEF but it sounds like they are doing lots of good things! I’ll check into it. Thanks for all your info Sarah!

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  24. I know for certain that one participating restaurant is requiring their employees donate their tips, the servers were not asked, they were TOLD. And they are forced to work that day. Instead they will be receiving minimum wage. A server will lose quite a bit of money on this day. Many are college students who must work, this “fundraiser” is actually causing a hardship for some of these people and it’s against the law.

  25. Kathy,I would be curious to hear which restaurant you are talking about, and where you got your information. Last year, Glidewell’s gave the servers their tips, and the donation came out of their profits. The Celebrity Serve is a long-standing tradition in Boone, and each restaurant will have to answer to whether they are following the law.

  26. I don’t know much about the WEF.

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  28. Sarah, the information came from my daughter who works at the restaurant in question. Because of that I do not feel comfortable giving the name because I do not want to pur her job in jeopardy. I know my daughter was told that she had to give up her tips and instead she would receive minimum wage for her hours worked. She estimates that she will lose at least $30 that day if not more. I have a feeling if one restaurant is doing it there are others as well. The servers can’t complain because even if they keep they’re job, they will get their shifts cut.

  29. One more comment I would like to add, this restaurant was interviewed by some paper and told the paper that the servers voluntarily gave up their tips, which is absolutely not true.

  30. Kimberly Towle says

    The Imagination Library is my favorite! They will be sending one book per month to each child until they reach school aged.

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    Fan of HCMS on facebook and all that WEF does for the community/schools!

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    I’m not really familiar with WEF, but what I’ve heard sounds great!

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