Certified Nurse Midwives at Harmony Women’s Center

I’ve been with the same OB/GYN for about 12 years. He delivered all three of my precious girls, and I have loved being under his care during my childbearing years. We totally “got” his sense of humor, and he saved my life with my first child. I developed Preeclampsia at 36 weeks, and HipChick was delivered by emergency C-Section right before my organs were to become compromised.

After my first child, I spiraled into severe anxiety disorder (sort of resembling PTSD) and he helped me get back on my feet. I have a special bond with that man, and my husband does too.

But over the last several years, I have wondered about my anxiety issue, and whether there could be another way to deal with it, aside from psychotropic pharmaceuticals. Some of my symptoms seemed to mirror hormonal imbalance, but I thought they might be side effects of the medication I’m taking.

My Visit to a Midwife

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Many of my friends go to Carrington Pertalion Certified Nurse Midwife, at Harmony Center for Women’s Health and Vitality, for their OB/GYN needs, and I remember when I first met her at an expo. I told her I was thinking of coming to see her, described some of my symptoms, and she immediately speculated that it may be low progesterone levels. She even described several symptoms that I hadn’t shared with her, such as:

  • cloudy thinking
  • short term memory issues
  • lack of focus

So it has taken me almost a year… but when my prescription was almost expired, I figured I better make an appointment- bite the bullet- or just decide to stay with my original practice.

I went to see Carrington, and it was an incredible visit! It was like she intuitively knew what I was experiencing. Maybe because she’s also a woman, but she also has such tremendous experience and wosdom. I have only had two OB/GYN doctors in my life, both men.

Or maybe it’s because she is open to other ideas than just prescribing drugs to treat symptoms. Whatever it was, it felt great… like I had some hope that I may be able to overcome the issues I’ve been struggling with for the last 9 years.

She started me out with some natural Progesterone spray, applied in a certain way each day, and I’m going back in two months to talk about the meds. Apparently, the meds I’m on are so strong and the withdrawal is horrible, so I may have to replace it with another before tapering off the second drug. Wow!

The difference is AMAZING in my energy level, motivation, focus, sleep, mental clarity!

A Second Midwife Joins HarmonyLisa Stevens, CNM

Lisa Stevens, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), joins Carrington Pertalion, CNM, Beverly Womack, MD and Summer Gilmer, MD in offering family planning, wellness care, Gynecological care, prenatal and postpartum care, labor and delivery, menopausal health care and all aspects of women’s health from teens to post menopausal women.

“I am thrilled to have Lisa joining me in providing quality and compassionate midwifery care to the families of the High Country,” SharedsCarrington Pertalion,CNM,  “I have longed for her association and am excited to have Lisa as a colleague in nurse midwifery. Lisa and I have been dreaming of this collaboration for years and are excited to have this dream become a reality.”

“Our greatest appreciation to Appalachian Regional Medical Associates, Dr. Womack and Dr. Gilmer for recognizing the power of midwifery,” added Pertalion. “We look forward to offering midwifery services to more and more families in the years to come. Welcome home Lisa!”

Lisa Stevens, CNM will begin seeing patients in August at Harmony Center for Women’s Health & Vitality/Midwives, located at 166 Doctors Drive in Boone. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Lisa Stevens, CNM, call (828) 268-8970.

Disclosure: We are proud to have Appalachian Regional Healthcare System and Harmony Center for Women as a MomSquad sponsor.  They are a sponsor because of their great reputation serving women of Watauga County, and now I know first hand.  The opinions expressed here are my true and honest opinions, and I’m so happy to be able to recommend Harmony to moms of the High Country.

Lisa Stevens, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)



  1. I absolutely adore Carrington. She delivered my daughter last year and the experience was wonderful, thanks in part to Carrington and the wonderful nurses at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. I too had postpartum ‘issues’ and am thankful for the understanding and knowledge I got from Carrington. Instead of feeling like I was losing my mind she made me feel cared for and relieved. I am a fan of the progesterone spray as she also recommended it to me for similar symptoms. Watauga is lucky to now have her locally and any who are considering a midwife should feel confident with the care you will undoubtedly receive at Harmony. I am sure that if Lisa is anything like Carrington in her knowledge and compassion Harmony will be a better place for it. I would wholeheartedly recommend them and hope that everyone’s experience is as wonderful as mine has been.

  2. Carrington puts the “care” in caregiver. She is not only intuitive, she is witty, smart and not afraid to relate to her patients woman to woman. I too have had excellent physicians, both male and female, but finding a bedise manner like Carrington’s is rare and a gift to the High Country!