Local Family Could Win the National Cow Appreciation Day Photo Contest!

A while back, the Boone Chick-Fil-A transformed itself into a mooing pasture of human cows! It was a great day of free chicken, lots of family fun, and silly costumes!  Well, the National Chick-Fil-A company is holding a photo contest on Facebook, from Cow Appreciation Day, and a Boone family is in FIRST PLACE!!!  Now, people can vote every day, so it could turn around really quickly!

Here is a message from Tina Jobe and her daughter, Christina!  Wouldn’t it be amazing if a local family won the National Contest?

Hello Mom Squad Moms! It’s possible that if you live in the High Country and have Facebook, you’ve seen a Chick-fil-A / Dr. Pepper ad urging you to vote in a picture contest for Chick-fil-A. If you’ve been to our local Chick-fil-A, it’s possible you’ve seen a poster of me and my children with the same information. I thought I’d take a moment to explain the story behind the solicitation.

I am a “cook from scratch, eat your veggies, drink your water” kind of mom. My family loves to eat out, but we very rarely do because, well, … with 6 children it’s just too expensive! When we do eat out, I am usually accused of taking the fun out of it by ordering large everything to split and enforcing water.

So, you can imagine the excitement when the children were told that simply by dressing like a cow, they could enjoy lunch on CAD at our local Chick-fil-a. This was a HUGE treat for them that included their OWN fries and drink (with refills!)

On CAD Eve, my chief costume designer and activities directory (Christina, age 12), organized a cow costume party. All of our children filled what would have been a long summer afternoon, taping black spots on white shirts and cutting yarn for cow tails.

Before we left to the CAD lunch, we hung our son’s blue bed comforter from the ceiling of our basement and my husband took our picture. The picture turned out cute! – a miracle for our herd that really just had chicken on the brain.

When we realized the joy of free chicken could be extended a whole year if we won the Facebook National Contest, we decided to go for it. My little cows are just ecstatic about an occasional soft drink and fried chicken weekly fix, and I must admit, a weekly evening off of kitchen duty sounds pretty wonderful!

I am asking when you check your FB, to quickly go to


and cast a vote for the Jobe family. You can vote once a day until August 31st. I know the ads can be obnoxious so you can choose “skip” and no voting solicitation will be generated. Clicking “share” when you vote will post our picture on your profile. Of course this can be skipped too. You will have to allow the FB group Chick-fil-a access. However, they are a reputable company and doing this is totally safe. Popularity plays a part in winning but is not the only determining factor. They also are looking for good picture quality and representation of their “eat mor chikin” campaign. So, keep voting, even if we look behind. We may still have a chance!

I’d really like to promise everyone who supports us world peace and prosperity. I can’t do that, but I can promise you a place at our table if you come and visit us. Even, if we win, I’ll still be cooking those other 6 nights and our home is always open!

Thanks, friends!

Tina Jobe

I love the fact that Tina turned the contest into a homeschooling activity for her daughter, Christina, who loves to write!

Since Moms always turn fun stuff into school, I am going to write a persuasive essay on Why We Have to Win the CAD (Cow Appreciation Day) Contest. But you know, that’s OK with me because I love to write! The CAD contest is a national contest, held by Chick-Fil-A, where you dress yourself up as a cow, take a picture, and upload it to FB! The contest is judged by popularity, (how many votes you have) quality of the picture, and how well you advertise the Eat Mor Chikin campaign. The prize is FREE CHICK-FIL-A FOR A WHOLE YEAR! We are currently in 1st place but only by a few votes. Would you vote for us once a day (Yes, you can vote once a day!) as best cow look-alikes in the USA?

Thanks so much for supporting us in this contest. It really means a lot to us. Every few hours or so, in our house, someone yells the number of votes we have from the computer room. The tally is followed by simultaneous cheering (even Esther squeals and Tanner howls at the excitement.) This has provided some excitement to what might otherwise be long summer days.

And for all the awesomely wonderful people that have helped give us the 2,800 votes we have so far, THANKS SO MUCH!

We really can’t do this without you, so vote now! And tomorrow! And the day after tomorrow! And the day after that! And the day after that! Please vote every day until August 31st !!!

Christina Jobe
Cow #2 and Chief Costume designer
age 12

So, what are you waiting for? Go vote! To make it quick, you can search for “Jobe,” or sort by “Highest Rated”

And be sure to check out our local Chick-Fil-A’s new website, and facebook page!

Tanner says "Thanks for voting!"

Tanner says "Thanks for voting!"



  1. Lucy Tevepaugh says

    My cousin, Libby Dowell, asked me to vote for her friend, Tina Jobe. I LOVE competition, so of course this was a “no-brainer”. After voting for a couple of days, I felt so inspired by what Tina and her crew were accomplishing, that I decided to send a Facebook e-mail to all my 500+ friends also on Facebook and asked each one to vote for this inspirational family. With the economy the way it is today, I knew that taking 6 children to Chick-Fil-A was probably unimaginable, so I decided to do whatever I could to help these beautiful children. I plan to vote EVERY DAY until August 31 in hopes that others will follow suit and make this WIN an achievable goal. GOOD LUCK JOBE FAMILY. South Carolina is rooting for all of ya’ll!

  2. Oh, my gosh, Lucy! That is so amazing! I know the Jobes are so blown away by everyone who is supporting them!

  3. YES! We are absolutely blown away. THANK YOU to all the High Country Moms (and South Carolina folks) who are supporting us. We are amazed and so thankful for all of you!