Children’s Book Nook: How Big is a Million?

My name is Jennifer Lawrence, and I have recently became involved with Usborne Books at Home as a consultant. I have never tried to do anything like this before, but it was too good to pass up.  I love children’s books and so do my (almost) 2 year old little girl and my (almost) 6 year old little boy.  My mom taught reading and 3rd grade at Bethel School and books were always her passion. With agreeing to become a consultant for Usborne Books I was going to be able to get these wonderful books at a great discount or even for free, so I could not say no.  I have definitely not been disappointed.

When I approached Sarah with questions about advertising on High Country Mom Squad she suggested writing a book review from one of my children’s new books. I had a hard time deciding which one, because they are all often used as part of curricula.  Usborne has a section in their catalog called “Ten Terrific Weeks Reading Adventure Programs” that would be perfect to recommend for any parent interested in doing more with their children’s books to encourage learning and creativity.    I finally decided that for the first review, I would write about the following book.
Title:  How Big is a Million?
By: Anna Milbourne and Serena Riglietti.
ISBN #:978079451924-7
Ages: 3 and up
Cost: $10.99 Hardback

You can order this book by contacting me, or go to the website

Summary: How Big is a Million?  is about a little penguin named Pipkin who decides one morning that he will spend his day trying to find a million of something.  As he discovers on his adventure this is harder than he thinks until the end of the day when he gets home and his mommy helps him.  The books pictures are adorable and the story ends with a giant fold out poster to surprise your children with.

When we read the story I asked my son based on the cover picture what he thought Pipkin would find that would equal a million.  Then I asked him to think of something he could look at that would have a million of the same object.  We all enjoyed this books together, because there were so many Kindergarten site words and easy to sound out words that my son was able to read some of it to his little sister.  This story also addresses the numbers 10, 100, and 1000.  We wrote out 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000, and 1,000,000 on paper and talked about how adding a zero changes the number a great deal (we had watched a Curious George cartoon with that idea in it so we discussed that also).  I think their favorite part was opening the poster at the end of the story to see how big a million really was.  We also took time to draw our version of our favorite scene in the story.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as we did.  The next Usborne book review I do will be part of the “10 Terrific Weeks Reading Adventures Program”..


  1. Great to meet you last Sat — my kids loved the book I bought!
    Looking forward to reading more reviews…

  2. Thanks! I am glad they are enjoying the book. I gave Parker the Science in the Kitchen Kit last night for a Valentine’s present and he loves it! I think we are going to look into more of those. Maybe I’ll review it here soon.

  3. Jennifer,

    I enjoyed meeting you the other night at Hailey’s. You are selling a great product. Can’t wait to get the books.

    Sara Isaacs