Children’s Book Nook with Black Bear Books: Vacations!

I was so glad to see so many of you looking for alternatives to the in-car DVD player during the last Freebie Friday giveaway! Black Bear Books has got some great options for in-car and in-flight entertainment during your summer travels; including books on CD and activity books for all ages.

Books on CD are a great way to pass a few hours in the car – or anywhere, for that matter! Many parents choose to read a book aloud, or have your child read the book on their own before listening to it on CD. Audio-books usually have great narrators who bring in different voices and accents for each character. Many popular titles are available on CD, and even if your local bookstore doesn’t carry them, they can definitely order them for you. They’re easy to trade, too, so if you’ve got friends with kids of a similar age you’ve doubled, tripled or quadrupled your listening options! Parents will enjoy listening to a lot of the classic children’s titles on CD as well and it can make for a great family discussion later on in the trip. Some of my favorite titles include The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl and any of the Lemony Snickett series.

Activity books are a great way for children to entertain themselves during a long trip. Klutz Books are always a great time and there are so many different titles that everyone is bound to find something they love. Right now, we’ve got some awesome selections on the shelf, including Kids Travel: A Backseat Survival Guide, which has instructions on the best car games to play, quizzes, and a 100 page kids-pad with all kinds of activities. We also have the Klutz Book Of Magic, which I definitely only recommend buying if you’re ready to watch a LOT of magic tricks.

Another option for avid readers is purchasing a book that is set in the area you’re traveling to. The American Girl series features girls at different points in history from all over the US. Going out west? Try Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie series and pretend your car is a covered wagon. Will you be going through Civil War sites? Try the Magic Treehouse Book based on the war. It’s a great way to spark discussion and maybe even learn something at the same time!

Finally, a new journal might be a great option for kids to record their trip memories in. They can draw pictures, glue in souvenirs and write about details of their vacation – what was their favorite place to visit? What was the best new thing they tried on vacation? What’s their favorite vacation treat? Encouraging children to record their thoughts will provide a great way to remember how much fun you all had on your trip and which parts they loved most of all.

I always love visitors and am more than happy to make suggestions. Stop by the store and I’ll help find some books for the kids…and maybe some books for mom too!


Black Bear Books also offers a Children’s Story Hour from 3-4 on Sundays. You can bring your laptop and go online with their free WiFi access, have a cup of great coffee, ad chat while your children are being entertained! Disclosure: Black Bear Books is a Mom Squad sponsor.

Erin Thompson, 26, is a relatively new transplant to Boone. After graduating from Elon University and spending a few years in Baltimore, she moved back to the area to pursue her Master’s degree in Public Administration. She started working in her family’s bookstore, Black Bear Books, and fell in love with the book industry, especially on a small-town scale. She especially enjoys introducing children and young adults to the books she enjoyed as a kid and is always happy to make a recommendation..