Support Local Farmers with a Choose and Cut Christmas Tree

One of my favorite Holiday traditions is to go out to a local tree farm, and choose our Christmas Tree. We do it every year! I love supporting the local farming community, whether it’s vegetables in the summer, pumpkins and corn mazes in the fall, or Christmas Trees in the winter! I met Sarah Cook, whose father owns Circle C Tree Farm in Boone, when our kids were in Kindergarten together. I stopped by Circle C Tree farmsin Boone and got some interesting information! We also picked up a beautiful 7 foot tree!

Covering over 30 acres of rolling farmland, Circle C is one of the biggest true family farms in Boone, having been in the same family for generations. The “C” in Circle C is Dennis Cook who still lives on this land that his grandfather came to many years ago. Now, his grandchildren are growing up in the 150 year-old yellow farmhouse that he once lived in.

Throughout the years the farm had been used for everything from growing potatoes to raising cattle and horses. About 12 years ago Dennis decided to try something different. He consulted with his friend and veteran tree farmer, Jim Henson, and they agreed that the farm’s convenient location (just one mile from Hwy 421) and easy accessibility would make it an ideal Choose and Cut Christmas Tree farm. The result was a partnership between the two and Circle C Tree Farms was born.

After the first Fraser Fir transplants were planted at the farm they were trimmed and maintained for seven years. It is widely known that it takes about seven years for a Fraser Fir to become a seven foot tall tree, but few people realize that the transplants are already five years old when they are planted in the field. So an average sized tree is actually about 12 years old from the time it was a seed. At Circle C the transplants are grown from seed in nursery beds until they are ready to be planted in the field.

So how does Choose and Cut work? Upon arriving, visitors are greeted and provided with a tree tag and a measuring pole. Then the search begins for the perfect tree … and there are plenty to choose from … over 30,000 trees in fact! Folks who are not able to do much walking will be transported in one of their vehicles to choose their tree. After a favorite is chosen and tagged, one of the friendly staff will cut the tree and bring it down to the barn area where it is trimmed at its base, baled with netting and loaded on the customer’s vehicle. Trees are priced by the foot.

While at the barn, visitors can choose from a wide selection of fresh wreaths and roping. Hot chocolate is complimentary. Goats and miniature donkeys call out holiday greetings from their pen. Hayrides through the tree fields are offered when the weather cooperates.

Circle C is located off of Bamboo Road on Will Cook Rd in Boone and is open Thursdays through Mondays (closed Tuesday and Wednesday). When you visit the farm remember to dress warmly, bring your camera, and please keep pets on a leash. Bathrooms are provided and Visa and MasterCard are accepted. For more information see the website:

Circle C is officially open from Thanksgiving day to December 14 this year. Call for an appointment if you absolutely need to come before then.

So what are your tips for keeping your fresh tree looking fresh all season? Share in the comments.


  1. Amy Forrester says

    We went to Brown’s Choose and Cut on 194 yesterday and picked up a beautiful 8 foot tree for only $40!!! They are SUPER nice, and I am pretty sure they do some kind of hayride type thing for the kids once it gets pretty busy….

  2. Its a real lovely tradition to pick your own christmas tree produced at your local area!