Crafting with Niki – Homemade Bird Feeders

Spring is just around the corner! I love to watch the different birds in our backyard, and so does my little girl. I was searching the other day about fun, and frugal, ways to attract more birds. Bird feeders can be so expensive. Here are some fun bird feeder ideas I found that you and your kids can make together! Come on spring!!!

Orange Peel Bird Feeder

Cut the top end of an orange off and carefully scoop out the orange pulp leaving the white lining. Use an ink pen to punch four holes in the orange peel about an inch from the top edge. Now thread some plastic string through the holes. Pull the threads together above the orange and tie a knot and another above to form a loop. Fill with bird seed and hang from a branch at least six feet from the ground.

Bird Treats
Try this yummy bird feeder idea! (bagel, peanut butter, lard, oats or bird seed, string)

  • Mix peanut butter with equal parts lard or shortening. Spread on a bagel, roll the bagel in oats mixed with bird seed.
  • Tie a string the bagel.  Then tie it up in a tree or wherever you please.

Note: Mix lard and peanut butter together so the peanut butter doesn’t get stuck in the birds’ gizzards.  That can be hazardous for them, and the lard provides lubrication. Squirrels LOVE these treats!!


Bird Feeder from Pine Cone

“You can also make bird feeders with pine cones. All you have to do is get a pine cone spread peanut butter over it, then roll it in bird seeds, then tie string around it an hang it out for children to watch new birds arriving.”

Note from Creative Kids at Home:
If a child is allergic to peanut butter, use tahini (ground sesame seeds) in its place

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