“Daddywagon” writes: FREE Summer activities in the High Country

A dear friend and teacher here in the High Country, Christ Watson writes a blog called “Daddy Wagon.”   I always look forward to what he writes. He has such a casual, humorous style, while touching on deep issues related to life and parenting.

I just had to share this post, with some fun, free summer frolicking right over in Ashe County!

Free Swimming in new riverAh, the teacher’s summer. No working…Just relaxing, sleeping in, and losing track of what day or time it is. Not to mention all that free time for trips to the beach, Disney World, and the Caribbean. Right? …Wrong! As it turns out, a lot of teachers have to go to workshops, meetings, and a few more meetings. In addition, teachers (especially the single parent types) have rather small household incomes…Never the less…I believe (and I’d say my kiddies would agree) this summer has kicked butt so far. Why? Because I’ve discovered the best kept secret in the High Country: Railroad Grade Road in Fleetwood, NC. Here’s my short list of some favorite, FREE family activities.

1. Play in the shallow, pristine New River! Sure the pool is great…but who wants to swim indoors on a 90 degree day? Our only outdoor option is a glorified baby pool with one diving board, a McDonald’s style plastic slide, and some fountains. It’s a nice pool…but way too small. So…..we go for the free, less crowded, absolutely gorgeous New River. The access spot that we use is located just south of the Fleetwood post office where Railroad Grade Road and Liberty Grove Church Road are joined by a low-level bridge.

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