Ask the Mom Squad: De-Clutter Your Kitchen

This is the second edition of “Ask the Mom Squad” Click here if you have a burning question to ask! Your question doesn’t necessarily have to fit into our categories, we’ll find an answer!

Angela asks:

Buying a house with a bigger kitchen wasn’t a great thing. I tend to use my counter tops for storing junk. Papers, mail, magazines, toys that have been taken away from the kiddos. How can I take my kitchen back?

Our Cleaning and Organizing Expert, Lessa says:

“Buying a house with a bigger kitchen may have been the best decision you could have made! I would love a bigger kitchen! The first thing you have got to do is make yourself throw things away. Do you really need to keep those magazines? Place them in a container and use them with the kids. Let the kids look for animals, vehicles, colors, shapes, or food! It’s great fun and the kids just love it. Get a few small baskets that mail will fit in and place them somewhere near the place you pay your bills etc. You have to use these baskets every day. Bills in one, personal stuff in one and outgoing mail in another. Take 5 minutes a week to clean them out. It really only takes 5 minutes! Papers can surely be eliminated by simply taking control of your space. If it’s kids art, you need to rotate it on the fridge with magnets. Tell the little ones that if they wanna keep it, something’s gotta come off the fridge! Otherwise, it goes away. The toys that are taken away should have a basket or clear container with a lid. The kids need to be able to see what has been taken away and they need to be able to earn it back. Place it on the floor or at eye level and make it strictly off limits. If they want what’s in the basket, they have to agree not to abuse it or do whatever it is that got it taken away in the first place. I know you are in your kitchen several times a day and you work in your kitchen often. Change your space around so that there is something in the way of you using your kitchen as a “catch all” like your toaster or blender. It will remind you that you aren’t supposed to put anything there. Give yourself some extra space near the sink or stove because you know you wont put mail, toys or paper in those places. Use the new space to buy yourself something special like a nice cutting board and knife block. You will be so glad you de-cluttered that space!”


  1. Amy Forrester says

    My mom gave me these great “chip clip” style magnets for my fridge that are cute and are perfect for displaying one piece of artwork for each kid at a time! Our house is on the market, so simplicity and organization are KEY for us right now! The other thing we have in our kitchen is a wheeled 7-drawer cart to keep all of our art supplies. It is wonderful – the art supplies always look neat, even though the drawers are kind of a mess!

  2. Great idea Amy! I don’t have room for any more ‘furniture’ in our little place so I have to improvise where I can! Sometimes it works, sometimes, not so much, LOL.