For Real Time Road and Weather Conditions, turn to Twitter and Facebook

With all the crazy weather we’ve been having around here, it’s hard for any one forecaster to stay on top of all the twists and turns, and variations by region. We are on Snow Day number 13 (I think? Someone correct me if I’m wrong). My kids are getting very creative with their time at home.  We are doing some enrichment work, My 5yo is teaching “Fitness Classes” including stretches, exercising, and practicing splits. We have a really good Lego house in the making, and my 7yo is designing her first shirt with the my scrap fabric and the dressform bust she got for Christmas.

The least amount of Snow Days we’ve had for Watauga County Schools is 4 in 1990-91.The top three years for the most Snow-Days were:

  • 1977-78: 39 Snow Days
  • 1976-77: 33 Snow Days
  • 2009-10: 26 Snow Days

Living on the East side of Boone, sometimes I am completely taken by surprise when my sunny drive up 421 turns into a blizzard while cresting the hill.  Because of our fluctuation in regional weather in the High Country, it helps to have a network across the area who share information before venturing out.

This is where social media comes in! With sites like Facebook and Twitter, we can get real-time Road and Weather updates (like, 2 seconds ago) from real people across the county. I find that regular people are pretty reliable for honest information.  Could someone lie? Well, yes, but on public social media, others will usually call them out on that!

Citizen Reports on Facebook

FAcebook Weather PageThere are a few Facebook pages that are specifically set up for citizens to share Road and Weather conditions. These are reports from people who are actually driving on these roads. (Please don’t text and drive, though.  Wait till you’re stopped!) You can post a report, or ask a question about the road you have to drive.

Experts on Facebook

Metorologists on Facebook also use the platform to provide up-to date reports, field questions, and share photos.

  • John L’heureux, a meteorology grad student, runs L’Heureux’s Weather on Facebook. He is on the Northwest Flow Snowfall research team, conducting research on Poga Mountain to analyze snow density, snow water equivalent, and snow depth.  He actively engages in discussion there and updates often.
  • Brad Panovich is chief metorologist for WCNC-TV in Charlotte. He forecasts weather as far as Northwestern NC, and is surprisingly accurate for a flatlander! (I couldn’t resist) Connect with him on his Facebook Page here.


If you are on Twitter, you will want to follow Brad Panovich (@wxbrad) or Kenneth Reese (@radiomediaguy) for up-to the minute reports.

Do you have any other sources for weather and road information?  Share them in the comments!.


  1. Thanks for the Tweeps to follow. I’ve been looking for someone b/c it’s so much easier to read than FB at stoplight 😉 (Don’t worry, I don’t text and drive!)