Free Books from the Imagination Library

Our children love to be read to and hopefully one day will love to read themselves.  According to Child Trends, children that are read to experience an increase in literacy development, have social and emotional gains, and have increased likelihood for success in school.  Plus, I personally think reading increases the development of a child’s imagination which can lead to increased creativity and other creative developmental gains.  It can also help foster the ability to focus attention on a subject.

Imagination LibraryThe Dolly Parton Imagination Library has been a hit in Tennessee for quite some time.  Children from zero to five are sent books in the mail for absolutely freeAll you have to do is sign up! The exciting thing about the Imagination Library is that it has recently extended its boarders beyond Tennessee and can be enjoyed nationwide.  Eligibility and availability vary from county to county so make sure your county has a funded program.    Check to see if your county has a program by clicking here. Many counties in North Carolina do, including the high country.

If you have small children between the ages of 0 and 5 don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to build their personal library for free!  Stop by Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and see if they are taking applications for your county!.


  1. We get these, too! So far I’ve been pleased with the “classics” selection. I do wish that the shipping label was printed on the plastic mailing jacket – rather than on the book itself. Yuck. Just received a “train” book – Can’t wait for next month’s!