Free new programs at The Children’s Playhouse: Brains and Babies and Special Families

We are happy to give you information about two new programs starting this week at The Children’s Playhouse.  These free 10 week playgroups will be offered at The Children’s Playhouse and will be facilitated by experts on psychology and development. Enrollment is free but limited to 12 children per group. These groups are supported by a grant from Smart Start through the Children’s Council of Watauga County.


Brains and Babies


Session I: 9-10 am Wednesdays November 2February 1 (10 meetings. Skip Nov 23, Dec 21 & 28)

Session II:  9-10 am Wednesdays February 8-April 26 (10 meetings. Skip March 15 & April 19)

Learn about the amazing changes going on inside your child’s brain during the first two years of life and fun games you can play that will support your child’s development! 

Taught by Dr. Robyn Kondrad.  FREE! For kids aged 0-22 months and their parents or relative caregivers.

Space is limited.  Make friends and earn a high quality  toy for your child when you attend five meetings and at the end. Call 828-263-0011 to sign up.


Special Families


Two 10 week sessions will be offered beginning in January, 2017.  

Facilitated by Dr. Rebekah Cummings, this playgroup for kids under five with identified special needs.

Supported by a grant from Smart Start and the Children’s Council of Watauga County.

Call 828-263-0011 to sign up.