Freebie Friday: Chick-Fil-A Dinner for Four with “Moo Cow”

Chik-Fil-A BooneI’m so excited about this week’s Freebie Friday! Chick -Fil-A is offering a Dinner for Four with an appearance by “Moo Cow,” the mascot! (If your kids happen to be scared of the Moo Cow, like mine used to be, you can just enjoy the dinner!)

Here are a few of the upcoming events for families, and kids at Chick-Fil-A:

Tuesday, July 8 from 5:30 – 7:30, Family Night!
5:30 Making Cow Costumes for kids
7:00 Story Time with Bing! (“Click Clack Moo”)

Friday, July 11, all day, Cow Appreciation Day!
~ Wear your cow costume, and get free food!
~ Combo meal for a full costume (mask, and something that looks remotely like a cow’s body)
~ Entrée for partial cow attire (just mask or shirt)

OK, let’s brainstorm, ladies! To enter the contest:

  • Leave a comment on this post (Click the post title and scroll down), saying how you would make your cow costumes for Cow Appreciation Day.
  • If you’re a subscriber, you get an extra entry! Leave a separate comment.
  • You get another entry if you share this article via email, Facebook/Myspace, or blog. Leave another comment, saying how you shared it. ( We’re on the honor system, but I have spies everywhere! Mwah ha ha!)
  • The contest will run through Sunday Night, July 6, and be announced Monday morning.

Remember: Now, the ONLY rule is that you can’t win twice in a row! So enter away!!!! Happy Moo-ing!


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Gary says that Walmart got another shipment in, and it’s available for rent at Blockbuster and Movie Gallery.


  1. We will definitely do this for free food. I have to get my creative juices flowing, but maybe clothes with spots and snow hats with ears. We won’t forget the tails either (maybe felt). Our whole family will be mooing on thew 11th!

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  3. For our cow costumes (since we just moved, I have to think practically with what we have!):

    Cut holes in old white pillow cases and use a black sharpie to make big black spots. I’ll have to dig and see if I can find some little bells to but around our necks for cow bells- and I’d have to use either construction paper or felt for the ears! So fun!

  4. Just shared the site with two of my girlfriends on facebook!

  5. Meredith says

    We actually have cow costumes from Halloween one year!

  6. Meredith says


  7. Ashleigh S. says

    Yay, Chick fil-A and the cow!

  8. Ashleigh S. says


  9. ashleigh S. says

    I don’t have cow stuff. I think my son and I might just have to go to the Chick fil-a event on the 8th and make costumes then. Otherwise… we could wear black make a nose out of a painted tiny cup with holes in it and a string to attach it to our heads and tape something white… paper… cotton balls to my clothes for some spots? I’m terrible at this sort of thing.

  10. I have a cow costume from Halloween (udders & all)!

  11. Subscriber

  12. I love free chicken!!!!

  13. We’ve got some old black sweats- we’re thinking of trying to bleach spots in them- we’ll see how it turns out!

  14. subscriber

  15. Oh, maybe some white t-shirts with black spots painted on – I like the idea of bleaching black sweats!

  16. subscriber

  17. i appreciate cows!!! i’m from iowa for cryin’ out loud!

  18. and i’m a subscriber!

  19. I will totally look at my kidos and say, if you guys can make cow costumes I will take you to chick-fil-a. They will do a better job than me. I love chick-fil-a, but after 4 pregnancies the idea of dressing myself like a cow is a little scary.

  20. subscriber.

  21. Like Crystal, we have a Halloween cow costume, complete with udders! I may have to get my hubby to wear it on the 11th!

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  23. free food is always good!

  24. me me me

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