Freebie Friday: CiCi’s Pizza

After reading our Birthday Party post, my daughter’s awesome Girl Scout leader, Jennifer, scheduled the end-of-the-year party there. Not very many people can successfully put 18 kids, 7 years old and under, in a pizza kitchen and let them make their own pizzas! So when the kids did just that at CiCi’s, I was… eagerly anticipating it.

The owner, Brian, came out and immediately captured the kids’ attention with the CiCi’s staff, by performing the CiCi’s cheer. My daughter still asks me to say the cheer with her. He took the kids to the back kitchen, and showed them every step in the process of making the pizza. It was very interesting, even for the adults, and he had the kids’ attention the whole time. Then each child got to create their own pepperoni pizza and watch it go through the oven. It was a wonderful time. Every parent who has thrown a party knows it can be a lot of work. But this was almost effortless for the parents. The kids were occupied the whole time , and they got to eat pizza. Better yet, we did not have to clean up!!!

While I was at the party, Brian generously offered to provide three CiCi’s buffet meals and drinks for Freebie Friday.

To enter to win, leave a comment telling your favorite pizza topping(s). If you’re a subscriber, you get an extra entry. Leave a separate comment saying “subscriber.” If you email this to a non-subscriber, or share it on your Facebook, MySpace, or blog, you get yet another entry!!

Each comment counts toward the Comment Contest.

Three winners will eat for free at CiCi’s. The contest will be open through Sunday night, and the winner willbe announced Monday morning..


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  4. We love Cici’s!

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  6. Niki Miller says

    free pizza is always a good idea!

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    sharing an e-mail 🙂

  9. Meredith says

    sign me up!

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  11. Lisa Hodges says

    I love green peppers, cheese, tomatoes, onions, yellow peppers and lots of sauce!!! Love Cici’s!!

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  14. We love Ci Ci’s. My daughter and husbands favorite topping is pepperoni. I love pretty much everything except black olives and mushrooms (ugh)!

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  17. I love veggie toppings. The best thing at CiCi’s are the Bread sticks! Also all you can eat is a nice thing.
    Also, Not only is Jennifer a good Girl Scout’s leader she is a GREAT friend.

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  19. My fav topping is green peppers and black olives.

  20. I like pepperoni or veggies myself, but my son loves Cici’s macaroni pizza

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  22. My favorite at cici’s is the spinach pizza! Thanks Sarah and Brian!

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  24. My favorite is actually the garlic cheesy bread sticks and to make it worse – dipping it in the alfredo sauce!

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  26. My favorite topping is black olives. That’s it, just black olives but they also go well with pepperoni or ham or pineapple. My girls now like pineapple and black olives.

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  28. Cheese, cheese and more cheese!

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  30. My kids like CiCi’s!

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