Freebie Friday: Grandfather Mountain Giveaway

We all know that Grandfather  Mountain is one of the High Country’s most beloved attractions in the warmer months, but did you also know that the park doesn’t close down just because it’s cold outside? Weather permitting, they’re still open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. Now that I know this, I may have to borrow my husband’s hand warmer and make the trip myself soon.

Grandfather Mountain offers a Secret Season pass that’s perfect for locals who love the peaceful beauty of the mountains in winter. The Secret Season pass is good from November 1 to April 30, so if you purchase one now at $25 for an adult, you could visit Grandfather Mountain every day from now until the end of April for (getting out my calendar and calculator…) around 24 cents a day! That’s a pretty good deal, even if you only go every other weekend.

If you’re not into the whole cold and snow thing, you can always use your Secret Season pass to enjoy breakfast or lunch at the Nature Museum restaurant with friends or for business. I think it would make a pretty neat Valentine’s Day gift, too, along with a promise to meet your significant other for a cozy lunch once a week. Hey, that’s a good idea! I thought that up all by myself. See? Smart!

While you’re smirking at me and my newly discovered brilliance, enter to win this wonderful gift from Grandfather Mountain.

The prize ($73 value):

  • A one-time pass for 4 people, good until June 30, 2011. This means you can wait until it’s warm again to make the trip!
  • 1 very cute deer with antlers. Not a real one. A stuffed animal. Yeesh.

How to enter: Leave a comment on this post. Do you make regular outings to this beautiful local attraction? Have you crossed the Mile High Swinging Bridge, or are you too scared of heights (like my mom)?

Extra entries: Leave a separate comment if you:

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Win a prize pack including a free family pass for 4 to visit Grandfather Mountain, NC at High Country Mom Squad.

Details: This contest will be open to High Country Residents and visitors through midnight January 28, 2011. One winner will be chosen randomly, and notified by email. The winner will be responsible for claiming the prize by email. Good luck!



  1. Stephanie Andrews says

    Sounds like an awesome prize! Hope we win! 🙂

  2. Shirley Shaw says

    Many visits to Grandfather Mountain … mostly in the month of April during dollar days. I remember dollar days in December once. Lots of memories of family outings, picnics, hikes, animals, scenic views, swinging bridge (I always cross it!). I love Grandfather mountain and plan to do some backpacking there this summer.

  3. We usually go in April. 2 of my kids like the swinging bridge. 2 WILL NOT cross it.

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  5. Love Grandfather Mtn! But we don’t get to go often enough. It is a great place for photos.

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  7. Martha Tennant says

    Love the Mountain, now that we live at the beach, we visit our home in crossnore and always go to Grandfather, when we live there we took it for granted but now we see the real beauty.

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  9. Grandfather Montain is probably my most favourite place in NC. It’ s what I often refer to as my “happy place”. I visit as often as possible (which is not often enough for me since I live 3 hrs drive away)and make a b-line for the animal habitat to check out my favourite furry residents-the otters:) If my son gets in to ASU I think I will be spending even more time at Grandfather Mountain and might even attempt the hard trail at the top (if I can overcome my fear of climbing up those ladders).

  10. I just found out that we will in the High Country for a week long visit/work trip in mid-April for the BR Food and Wine Festival. This pass would be GREAT to use while we are there. We love Grandfather Mountain!! I always cross the bridge but my heart is in my throat the whole time, my daughter runs and jumps while she is crossing and it scares the dickens out of me. I am very excited to get back up the mountain and see everyone and introduce/show off our new baby girl!

    See you All Soon!!!!

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  12. We have been a couple of times and love it- We have all crossed the swinging bridge

  13. I have never been to Grandfather Mountain, but oddly enough as I get older places like that and Asheville seem to be more peaceful and nicer attractions than the beach, don’t get me wrong I love the beach but the mountains just calm my soul. (You NEVER would have caught me saying this 10 years ago!)

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  15. We usually go in April, too. My little girl loves the bridge and the animals.

  16. We usually go in April. My kids love Grandfather Mountain. We have also gone on Girl Scout weekend. My kids RUN across the swinging bridge! I will go across, but I’m much slower. I remember when I was kid going across it. It was much different back then, but I’m more afraid of it now:-(. I guess my age is showing!!

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  19. We usually go in April, like everyone else!

  20. I’ve been visiting Grandfather Mountain my entire life!! Thanks for the chance to win tickets!! I’d love to take my in-laws.

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  23. Susan Miller says

    Love Grandfather Mtn and would love to win. Great place to go!!

  24. Susan Miller says


  25. linda armstrong says

    Love, love, love Grandfather! Every visit is a new expierence….NEVER the same…always something new to discover!

  26. It’s my grandkids’ favorite place to go! They request it every birthday.

  27. We went last year for the first time and it was absolutely beautiful! We loved seeing the animals, having a wonderful picnic, and the scenery was just breathtaking! Hubby and kids went across the bridge, but me….I chickened out and only went a little ways then turned around. Too scary for me! Maybe I’ll try it again. Winning tickets to Grandfather Mtn. would be a great way to work up my nerves, haha!

  28. I’m a Subscriber!

  29. I’m a Twitter Follower from @TimesPastToys.

  30. Laura Combs says


  31. Laura Combs says

    I took my boys for the first time last spring during dollar days. They loved it. We went across the bridge and have great pictures/memories from it. I’d love to win this so we can go more often!!!

  32. Kristen Heckle says

    Way to scared of heights to cross the bridge! I cringed when my husband went acrossed…