Freebie Friday: Highlands Restaurant in Blowing Rock

Many of us remember going to Tijuana Fats in Blowing Rock way back in college!  The food left a little to be desired, but it was fun to gather there with friends.  Well, years ago, that restaurant became part of my college memories as it closed for good.

Now, at that same location, almost at the end of Main Street, is Highlands Blowing Rock, Food and Spirits, a WONDERFUL addition to the culinary excellence of the High Country.

Highlands Blowing Rock is a family owned restaurant. (One of the owners went to high school with my husband!!)  Non smoking facility and kid friendly. They have an outdoor patio and are open 7 days a week from 11:00am until 2 am.  They have a kids menu that has chicken tenders, hot dog, grilled cheese, fruit, and more.

For the adult Highlands serves speciality burgers, salads, veggie burgers and portobello sandwiches and salads. They also have some seafood.  The menu is chef-driven and extremely creative and fresh, including awesome sweet potato fries and fried green beans. YUM!  For the sweet tooth, they have milk shakes and fresh desserts.  Little Pea and I stopped by there the other day for lunch.  She devoured the thick hotdog, and I got a tasty burger with sweet sauteed onions.

I also can’t wait to go to Highlands at night sometimes, for a girls night out! Sometimes, they do theme nights, like 80’s Night.  so…

If you’d like to win a $25 gift certificate to Highlands, Blowing Rock:

  • Leave a comment on this post, saying what theme night you’d like to see at Highlands.
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The contest will be open through Sunday, October 5, and the winner will be announced Monday Morning.  Don’t forget to enter the High Country Baby photo contest!!.


  1. I guess I would like to see Pioneer./Mountaineer Night

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  3. A family version of Oktoberfest would be fun!

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  6. Whichever era the poodle skirts were from, the 50’s, I think.

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  8. Paula Domermuth says

    I’d like to see a vegetarian night.

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  10. I think a school spirit night would be fun!

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  12. Amy Forrester says

    i agree – school spirit would be great, but kids eat free would be nice, too! i was in recently and happy to see that the pricepoint is lower than on the the outset, and we had fantastic food and service! thanks, highlands!

  13. Amy Forrester says


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  15. I’m a subscriber

  16. ACK….double posting….Sorry.

    How about an international theme night?

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  19. shoot! more duplicate posting. something twitches on my screen and then I start getting obnoxious this way. Sorry Sarah!

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  21. I’d like to see a Scottish theme night! Yeah – show me those men in kilts!

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  24. hawaiian night! aloha

  25. Let’s just have a huge Halloween costume party there!!! I love that place!

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  27. Karen Haury says

    A kids eat free night would be great!

  28. Karen Haury says


  29. Kids eat free would be great, on another night then Tues too!! I’ve been meaning to try them out and just haven’t yet! Will have to go soon!

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  32. Kristi…you stole my idea…I think a Hawaiian theme would be fun, too!

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  34. facebooked it

  35. asu night

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  37. I like the family Oktoberfest night with a polka band. 🙂

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  39. Jennifer L. says

    OOOHHH! How ’bout a “Night at the Movies” theme???? You know, dishes named after and/or featured in famous movies? I’d like to try some fresh fish from Nim’s Island, Blue Lagoon, or Cast Away, sushi from Monsters, Inc., roast beef from Rocky’s meat locker, and what were Harry and Sally eating in the restaurant during “that scene”??? (This list could go on!) Movie trivia would be a fun activity, too!
    I can’t wait to try Highlands…been meaning to…

  40. Jennifer L. says


  41. A school night!

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