Freebie Friday: Incredible Toy Company Gift Certificate!

So, we needed a Birthday present once again for a friend and again I did not feel like running in to the infamous Walmart. I am sure all of you know the story well. I am not sure what it is about  the Boone Walmart?  (or any of them for that matter) It seems like I can enter in a perfectly peaceful state of mind but “lo and behold”, when I come out I seem to be frazzled. You know the kind of frazzled  that a mother hen feels when you come to close to one of her baby chicks. I always go in and spend entirely way to much money and more importantly time. That being said, I have had many lovely experiences shopping for birthday gifts at my favorite toy store up here: The Incredible Toy Company.


Here are some of the reasons why my experience is always good at the Incredible Toy Co.

  • For starters, they have  wonderful train tables with trains that let my boys enter into their train fantasy world. It entertains them totally while I shop.
  • The employees are always so friendly and helpful.
  • They have bathrooms really close if one of the kids needs to go  potty. Lets face it usually when I have just entered my ” I am almost done shopping zone” someone says they need to go to the bathroom.
  • And then to top it off they will actually wrap the Birthday present for me!

I walked out of there today with a really cool,unique,and educational  gift  for only around $13.00! Now that is impressive in my opinion. I love being able to give my money to the local Mom & Pops businesses instead of those huge chains that take most of their profits and invest it off of the mountain.

For those of you readers who may not know this, the Incredible Toy Co. is located on 321 between Boone and Blowing Rock.  They are locally owned and operated since 1993.  To find out more about them visit there website Keep a heads up because they usually run a special when Thomas The Tank Engine rolls into Tweetsie.

I  am happy to announce that the Incredible Toy Company is giving a $20.00 gift certificate on our Freebie Friday giveaway today!!

To enter for the drawing:

  • Please share  a “wish list item” that your kids have been asking for from The Incredible Toy Co.  or share a “wish list item” that you have been wanting to give them!!

Leave a separate comment for an extra entry if you:

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  • add your email to the Incredible Toy Company email list.  Just say “email list” in your comment, we have the address confidentially when you comment!

This offer will run through Sunday, May 24, and will be chosen by random drawing.  The winner will be contacted by email and on our Winners Page. Open to people 18 and older in the High Country Area of NC.  No compensation has been received for this review/giveaway.



  1. My little girl loves Polly Pocket, My son loves all things lego, playmobil, star wars, you name it! My oldest loves it all.

  2. What dont they love in that store? One of my daughters loves all the baby dolls, another the arts and crafts/science toys and the third loves the stuffed animals.

  3. Also a Mom Squad subscriber

  4. My kids love playmobil and the kids’ instruments that they carry!

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  8. Sara Isaacs says

    Love going to the Incredible Toy Co. They carry the Ugly Dolls. I have an 7th month old little girl and so far the Ugly Dolls is her favorite. They are called Ugly Dolls but I think that are really cute and funny.

  9. My daughter LOVES the little horses they carry there!!!


  10. Christina says

    I would like to get my little one a baby doll.

  11. Christina says


  12. Anything craft-y, legos, planes/rockets and webkinz!

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  15. meredith says

    my little girl would love all the baby dolls

  16. meredith says


  17. meredith says

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  18. Anything that is made by “Melissa and Doug”. My girls especially like their bead kits.

  19. subscriber

  20. I have actually never gone in before!! I know! I drive past the store at least 5 times a week (actually 10 if you think of a round trip) and have never gone in!! I guess I just need to get my rear in gear and check the place out! A GC would do just that too!! Oops!

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  23. science toys

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  25. My son is really into trucks right now. I am afraid to take him in there because I’m sure a tantrum will be thrown if he doesn’t get everything he wants!!! But, we would certainly put the GC to good use there!

  26. Subscriber! 🙂

  27. E-mail list

  28. I just posted on Facebook.

  29. We would love some Legos!

  30. Any kind of train stuff for the boy’s train table would be awesome!

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  32. Trish Hicks says

    Elijah is very into animals at the moment, and there is a great set of dinosaurs that I’ll probably get for him.

  33. Trish Hicks says


  34. Trish Hicks says


  35. Liliana wants Gordon, Emily, Clarabell, Annie, and Bertie the Bus. Yes, Thomas trains 🙂

  36. I’m a Mom Squad subscriber!

  37. e-mail list !

  38. I would love pick my daughter up a new board game! They have such great choices!

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  40. sharing!

  41. anything to make herself look “pitty” (pretty) 🙂

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  44. Lindsey Thompson says

    I have never been there before but would love to get an educational toy for my son

  45. Lindsey Thompson says


  46. Lindsey Thompson says

    e-mail list

  47. Anything dress up or princess related for my little princess. Legos and Playmobile for the boys!

  48. subscriber

  49. I would love to get my kids some new puzzles!

  50. facebook!

  51. I’m feeling the beginnings of a train table set for my little guy. That’s probably next on my list. It’s so fun to look there and the employees are always so kind and helpful.

  52. I agree with you on the WalMart emotional drain! I’m also a subscriber.

  53. facebook.

  54. Andrew LOVES the playmobil… this is actually our very favorite High Country store!

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  56. They have a great super flying frisbee we would love to have!

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