Freebie Friday: Jonathan Burton Photography

OK, moms!  One of the High Country’s premier photographers is back with the Mom Squad, offering another Giveaway!  We are so thrilled to have Jonathan Burton Photography back as a Freebie Friday feature!

Just in case you’ve been under a rock, and do not know about Jonathan Burton is the areas only photographer who has earned the Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America. He has won numerous awards for his exclusive custom made storybooks, landscape, and fine art portraits. At Jonathan Burton Photography they work closely with clients, capturing their individual personality and unique style, whether it’s a bride on her intimate wedding day, or a child who has begun to discover the magnificence of the world surrounding him. It’s about all the little details which they use to tell the story of your life….011

In 1992, when he began, Jonathan’s goal was to elevate his skills in photography and, in the process, create beautiful works of art.  By combining elegant, relaxed portraiture with spontaneous photojournalism, Jonathan truly captures “The Art of Life.”

Jonathan would also like to offer a complimentary Creation Session to one Mom Squad reader, valued at $150, your choice of Studio or Location. (you will have to purchase prints individually if you would like those)

Here is how to enter:

  • Visit Johnathan’s website at, click on ‘Portrait’ and choose your favorite 2-3 photos from the Children or Seniors section.
  • Leave a comment on this post, describing your favorite one.

Leave an extra comment for another chance to win if you:

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This contest is open to anyone in the High Country Area or who is willing to travel here for a photograhy session.  Contest will run through Thursday, September 24, and a winner will be announced on our winners page, and by email.  You will have 72 hours to claim your prize before an alternate winner is chosen.

All photos are copyright of Jonathan Burton Photography..


  1. REALLY???? You want me to pick one favorite??? Impossible!!! I can’t do it! Jonathan is too incredible to pick just one! But if I have to describe one, Ian with his little hat with me holding him is still one of my favorites!

  2. My entire family has always loved the one of the kid tacked to the bulletin board- it’s something that just might happen in my house. But I also love the close-up up B&W of the little boy’s face (it’s near the end)- it so classic!

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  8. It is sooo hard to choose just one! I like the one with the 3 kids sitting on the wagon wheel seat and the apples are on the ground and the cat is sitting next to them.

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  11. i’m always so inspired by jonathan’s work!!! i love love the baby with the poof of hair, wrapped in white and against the blue wall. also love the ones of the little girl peering over the fence beams. senior gallery- love the one of the guy playing guitar- isn’t that sharon’s son?!?!

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  15. Loved the ones with the boys in the tree and also the baby in the laundry basket – so cute!

  16. All are great but I particularly like the ones where he has captured the playful spirit of the children. 1st favorite would have to be the shirtless boys running down the path. Makes me want to kick off my shoes and join them at the swimming hole!

  17. 2nd favorite would be the 3 little girls laughing so joyously. You don’t even have to know the joke to want to join in. (subscriber!)

  18. Holy Moly, what a task to pick one (or 5 for that matter!)
    As a pregnant mom of a 16 month old, I like the one with the pregnant mom and her boys touching her belly. (Finley likes to lift my shirt if I ask “where’s the baby?)
    I also love the one of siblings “fighting” on the couch… and the baby feet…and the ASU baby’s face!!!!

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  20. I love the baby in her/his christening gown. The baby’s face is so blissfully sweet and the detail that shows on the lace gown is beautiful. Don’t we all just love to watch our little angels when they’re peacefully sound asleep like that.

  21. Glance at his family portraits too! My family used to all dress in white and demin and take a group picture at the beach while on vacaton. His locations add so much interest and depth.

  22. Absolutely beautiful! All of the backgrounds were gorgeous. I like the little girl in the tutu and the baby in the christening dress on the couch is so sweet. I also like the pictures in the flowers and fields-what awesome landscapes!

  23. Suscriber! My daughter just turned two and needs to have her portrait taken. She loves to say cheese! She’s a character!

  24. I love all of the children shots – he is so talented.

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  26. LOL… love the “Mack” on that has a push pin holding the little boy to the cork board. Too cute!

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  28. I love the fall one with the 3 kids, wagon wheel and cat. It truely captures the fall spirit (which is my favorite time of year)!!

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  30. Picking one is impossible. Some of my favorites from the children’s portraits are: #9 (Boys running), #65 (girl in field), #68 (blowing dandelion), and #98 (older sister reading to baby).

  31. subscriber and facebook fan — I also liked #86 (mom and child looking out the window)!

  32. i love all of his on location shots. he’s able to capture light so well.

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  35. The one I like the best is the one of the three kids on the wagon wheel with the apples on the ground, it is more natural picture. It also reminds me of Fall. I am glad he has more images than last time they had this giveaway. Sooo much better!!!

  36. subscriber, thats how I found out about this!

  37. #7 The little boy in the sweater is so cute!

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  40. I love the one with the little boy poking his head up from the chair. It is amazing how bad all of my photos and portraits look when I see really good ones.

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  42. Beautiful pictures, I was just looking at his site the other day.

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  46. It is hard to chose just one! I love the black and whites and the outdoor autumn photos!

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  48. I like the 4th one in the child section, peeking over the chair and the one with all the kids in the tree.

  49. They are all AWESOME!!! Jonathan does such great work!! I peeked at the seniors, and like the Lawrence guys (24), and if I remember the #’s correctly, also liked 2,3,18,20, and on and on and on!

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  52. I love them all!! I really like the one with the bulletin board and the 5 boys running in the grass. All of his pictures are wonderful!! Would love to win this!!

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  54. I loved the one with the baby playing peekaboo on the couch.

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  57. Love the one with the child inthe laundry basket and the portrait of the boy inthe striped sweater, reminds me of my 14month old son.

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  59. I love all the outdoor shots. My favorite may be the one of the little toddler girl with flowers in her hands reaching up to the top on a rock wall. So sweet.

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  62. I like the natural setting ones…like girl in white dress in the field or the boy by the creek. Nice to see the kids in mountain scenery!

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  65. Love the pic of the two sisters on the dock…reminds me of my girls.

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  69. I liked the first photo of the little girl sitting and the baby on the kitchen counter. His work is beautiful.

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  71. ncarolinafran says

    OK, so I love all three of the blond with the ocre sweater in the wildflowers. The colors are gorgeous! Also, the blond with the blue jean jacket leaning up against the log cabin wall…great shot. Next, the b&w of the brunette in the black formal dress. The balance is great.

  72. Well I must say that all the pics are wonderful! I love looking at pics even if I don’t know anybody in them. They just capture everything. My first pick would be the newborn baby lying in the cradle asleep(pic 36?). It shows the complete innocence of a child. This one is just amazing. My second would have to be have to be the one where all the boys are playing hide and seek near the big tree(pic 10). As a mother of three I love seeing children getting along and I know this is a picture but it captures that possibility. To pick one from the “senior” section would be hard as well because they are all beautiful in their own way. And if a photographer can capture a great picture with my family of 5 they have turly performed a miracle!! You truly have an amazing talent!

  73. I love the picture of the children running through the field. Action shots like that seem so natural and very typical of a loving and fun childhood.

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  77. Pick only 2-3??? My DH went through them with me, so I’ll list the ones we BOTH liked (following JB’s numbered references):
    7: precious, totally captured the boy; 9: makes us laugh; 28: love how this makes her red red hair so beautiful; 96: fun!; 94: love the blue eyes and the blue backdrop. for the background: 50 for the bench; 92 for the hinge

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  78. Hard to say which I like the best, they are all so wonderful. I love the family of boys in their jeans, no shirts, running down the path. And the b/w of the mom and baby, face to face. Oh and the little one peeking over the arm of the chair!

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  81. I don’t think that you can pick one. The pictures he does are wonderful. I love that not staged look!

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  86. I love the Senior Pictures: the one with the girl standing with her golf club in hand at the golf course is beautiful. I also love the ones of Mark Linville – I used to teach him when he was in elementary school. He was such a great kid & has turned into such a great young man. These are great pictures. I wish I could go back & have my senior pictures retaken by Jonathan Burton! They are all amazing!

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  90. I like the picture of the girls on the dock and I like the one of the mom and baby looking out the door window. They are all beautiful.

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  95. I love the black and white Grandfather profile!

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  97. Who won?