Freebie Friday: Jonathan Burton Photography


Jonathan Burton Photography was started in 1992. Jonathan’s goal was to elevate his skills in photography and, in the process, create beautiful works of art.  By combining elegant, relaxed portraiture with spontaneous photojournalism, Jonathan truly captures “The Art of Life.”007

He is the areas only photographer who has earned the Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America. He has won numerous awards for his exclusive custom made storybooks, landscape, and fine art portraits. At Jonathan Burton Photography they work closely with clients, capturing their individual personality and unique style, whether it’s a bride on her intimate wedding day, or a child who has begun to discover the magnificence of the world surrounding him. It’s about all the little details which they use to tell the story of your life….

011When my former college roommate (pictured at the left with her boys – and girl, not quite visible yet!) got married in 1998, she chose Jonathan to capture the whole experience: from stunning bridal portraits to elegant wedding portraits, to whimsical vignettes and candid captures.  Being in the bridal party, I was so impressed with everything.  She has since had four children, and can you guess who has captured their unique personalities as they’ve grown?  Jonathan is a photographer who will take time to work with you and your children to capture just the right moment!

Jonathan is planning a fantastic charity event, to benefit the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, called Portraits on the Parkway.

For Portraits on the Parkway Jonathan Burton Photography will offer a portrait pack010age (for school-age children),  set at the historic Moses Cone Mansion for $75 total (plus tax)!

  • (1) 8×10
  • (2) 5×7
  • (8) wallets

A portion of the proceeds will go to the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, seeking to enhance the Parkway experience and to help preserve its scenic quality.

Click here to see the available dates and register for your session, or call 828.266.9889 For more information.


Jonathan would also like to offer a complimentary Creation Session to one Mom Squad reader, valued at $150, your choice of Studio or Location.

Here is how to enter:

  • Visit Johnathan’s website at, click om ‘Galleries’ and choose your favorite photo.
  • Leave a comment on this post, describing your favorite one.

Leave an extra comment for another chance to win if you:

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This contest is open to anyone in the High Country Area or who is willing to travel here for a photograhy session.  Contest will run through Monday, March 30, and a winner will be announced on our winners page, and by email.  You will have 72 hours to claim your prize before an alternate winner is chosen.

All photos are copyright of Jonathan Burton Photography.


  1. I couldn’t link to the site for some reason, but there is enough on this page to show me I love his work!!!! Please enter me in the contest!!

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  4. i love them all! but my favorites were the outdoor ones and the simplistic studio ones. what talent.

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  8. I love the soccer ball on a cliff photo! It should be a poster of some sort. I also did Portraits on the Parkway last year and loved it!

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  11. Nicole Barker says

    Please enter me for the drawing

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  14. I really like the picture of the moon, a tree and a beautiful sunset.

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  17. Ummmm, which one don’t I like?? Seriously, I love it! What an honor it would be!!

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  21. The little girl in front of what looks like a wood-sided barn. It’s not just cute or pretty; you’ve caught her soul in that one!

  22. Shannon Baldwin Parker says

    Please enter me in the contest. I loved so many of the Wedding shots that it’s hard to narrow it down to one…they are all so beautiful. Jonathan did our wedding in 1997 and we were absolutely ecstatic w/ our beautiful wedding pictures! We would be so excited to have him shoot our family!

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  24. Sarah McKethan says

    He is so talented. Love all the wedding shots!

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  28. I love the picture of the newborn in the parents hands with the black background! That picture is just awsome!

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  30. Just comment on HCMS facebook page. I am already listed as a fan!

  31. Lisa Shellman says

    I love everyting he does..they are all great…but Anna’s has to be my favorite!

  32. I love the black and white pictures of the children. I really love the one with the baby in the hands of his parent. So sweet!

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  34. What beautiful photography! I love all the outdoor shots with children. My kids REALLY need to be photographed, since my husband and I are so lazy about taking pictures….

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  38. I love the creation photos, especially the sunset, moon and oak.

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  40. Anna Lynch says

    Absolutely stunning photos-hard to choose just one. Red headed girl walking in the grass is one of my favorites, along with some of the closeups of brides-especially the one taken at waist level with her bouquet.

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  42. I’ve always loved the one of the baby “floating” in his father’s hands!

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  45. I love the portrait of the small child trying to reach up to the top of the fence! Precious!

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  48. I LOVE the sisters sitting down on the bench together. I want to get portraits like this for my girls. I can dream right? 🙂 I have heard so many good things about this photography skills.

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  51. I love the portraits taken in the fall with the leaves in the background.

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  53. Kristen E says

    I really like the little kid hiding behind the door. I have two boys that would love to give a photographer the challenge of being photographed. Hope I win!!!

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  56. I’ve always loved Jonathan’s work! The photographer in me LOVES the high contrast baby and thte infrared couple in front of the moses cone bridge! Would love to have my photo taken with my kids for once!

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  58. I love the girl talking to her dog & he’s just about to kiss her nose. It is so sweet!!

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  62. susan bolash says

    My favorite photo would have to be the two winter trees in the Creation gallery. I love the starkness of the trees against the winter sky. I have a favorite in the Wedding gallery, as well, and it is the back of the wedding dress from slightly above….beautiful! I wish I had had photos like these from my wedding, but sadly, I did not. Please enter me in the contest! Thank you!! I look forward to having my boys photographed for the Portraits on the Parkway on May 20th.

  63. I loved the wedding picture on the swinging bridge.

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  66. my favorite photo is the tiny little baby in the man’s hands. Such a simple picture but it shows just how tiny the baby is and set on the black background gives it such a contrast. It looks like the same child was photographed in a couple different poses as they got older. The photography is beautiful.

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  69. I like the nature scenes – especially the sunset one.

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  71. All of his work is beautiful. My favorite is the picture of a wedding couple with a church in the valley below them.

  72. I love the rising moon and the lone Oak Tree, with a pink setting sun. Just beautiful. Already registered for Pictures on the parkway, but would love a real sitting too! His work is amazing. A true artist!

  73. LOVE Jonathan! I just love looking at all of his work! 🙂 He is so great with kids– my children always love having their picture taken by Jonathan!

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  75. Facebook Wall 🙂

  76. Christina says

    I like the one with the 3 photos of the baby sitting on the kitchen counter top.

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  78. The Other Emily says

    I am a JB FAN for sure! Love his work! I wouldn’t want anyone else for my children’s portraits, and it’s almost time for Luke’s one year! Picking my favorite on his sight… too many friends’ kids to pick ONE! I’ve always LOVED james & john, love sara fran and anna too!

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    Posting on FB!

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    Just posted on the HCMS FB site!

  82. I love the three series of the child sitting on the counter. Jonathan has such an art of capturing the personalities of each of his little clients.

  83. I love the one of the little girl holding onto the fence. Childrens photos are sooo precious!

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  85. love them all.. lots of kids i know and they are all great photos of them !

  86. Im a FB fan!

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