Freebie Friday, July 3rd – Outersanctum Salon Tote Bags!


How eco-friendly is your shopping?  I always try to remember my reusable bags for the grocery store, and I have a ton of them, but I recently began using my own bags for other purchases, as well.  When I am shopping for clothes, makeup, and other small items, I take my Aveda eco-friendly reusable tote bag from Outersanctum Salon.  Honestly, if I had enough of them, I would use them for groceries, too.  The quality of these tote bags is top-notch, they hold WAY more than they look like they should, and frankly they just look cuter than the ones from the grocery store!


It’s time for everyone to provide their own shopping bags.  It is very common in European countries for the customer to be charged if they do not bring a bag… Let’s catch up!   Aveda’s tote bags are made of 100% recycled materials here in the USA.  Outersanctum Salon has been generous enough to provide the MomSquad with 5 of these tote bags to give away!

Outersanctum Salon is located at 215 Boone Heights Drive.  828.264.8181

Here’s how to enter…. (leave a separate comment for each)

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The contest will be open through Thursday, July 9, and the winner will be announced via email and our winner’s page.  High Country Residents and visitors age 18 and older are eligible to win.  No compensation was received for this giveaway.

Last Week’s River House Dinner Winner winner was comment #60 Kathleen!.


  1. Can they become fans of outersanctum on facebook, as well? 🙂

  2. I would use this Aveda tote bag everywhere! Reusing bags is great and I try to incorporate it as much as I can in everyday life. From grocery errands, to thrift store shopping, to King Street Art Crawls, to canoeing on the New River, the list goes on and is endless… I would love to add this one to my collection!

  3. i would use it for everything! i use my reusable bags every day for something or another.

  4. subscriber

  5. i am a mom squad facebook fan

  6. i am subscribed to outersanctum’s emails

  7. sharing on fb!

  8. I like to use mine when we are hanging out at Valle Crucis Park.

  9. Facebook fan!

  10. I use my bags for everything – from groceries to diapers!

  11. subscriber

  12. facebook fan

  13. I always need another tote bag, I would probably use it for the library books that tore my chico bag ;0

  14. subscriber!

  15. facebook fan!

  16. So many uses! Anything from grocery to kids toys!

  17. subscriber

  18. FB Fan!

  19. carrie eller says

    i would use mine to tote all my purse ‘spill-over.’ seems i can never manage to carry everything i need in just one little purse. even when my purse isn’t exactly ‘little.’

  20. carrie eller says

    fb fan and subscriber! 🙂

  21. carrie eller says

    might just be able to fit my whole life in one of those bags. at least all of the loose pieces, anyway.