Freebie Friday:

“Do you eat out in the High Country of North Carolina?” Local dad and and Main Street Marketing owner, Ben Cox has asked that question more times than he can count. Because if you do eat out-even just a couple of times a month, then you can save a lot of money with the Main Street Marketing Dining Pass!

The 2008 Watauga Dining Pass features over 67 FREE Meals or Entrรฉes! (buy one, get one free) The card is valid from right now until Dec. 31st, 2008. In addition to the popular Watauga Dining Pass, their are 2 other High Country Dining Passes that include Ashe and Avery Counties. The Dining Passes are on sale for HALF PRICE now! So that means if you eat out once or twice, depending on the restaurant, you’ve paid for the card!

The Ashe/Watauga card features over 36 FREE Meals or entrees and is good until January 31, 2009.

The NEW Avery/Watauga card features 50 FREE meals or entrees and is good until July 31, 2009.

With the kids going back to school, it means running around to sports practices, dance class, Wednesday night church, you name it. At least for us, that also means eating out. Now, I would love to be able to cook my family home-cooked meals every night. I also have visions of packing dinners before I pick the girls up to spend the evening at the dance studio. (Three girls, plus me, in class is a long day) Let me tell you, they’ll be driving themselves to class before that happens!

I’m glad I have the Dining Pass. I’ve taken friends out to eat, grabbed something quick, or gone on a fancy date with my hubby.

Ben has offered three free dining passes for three Mom Squad readers! A Watauga card, an Ashe/Watauga card, and an Avery/Watauga card. Here’s how to enter.

  • Leave a comment, saying which card you’d like (or all three), and your favorite restaurant on that card.

  • If you share (or forward this article) by email, blog, Facebook, or MySpace, you get another entry.

  • This contest will be open thorough Sunday night, Aug 3. The winner will be announced Monday morning. Three entries per family please.

I’m sure I don’t have to say that my favorite places on the card are Coyote Kitchen, Blimpie, Stick Boy, and Bald Guy Brew!.


  1. I like all three but since I dont travel much to Avery or Ashe, I guess I would purchase the Watauga one, and my favorite restraunt is Dos Amigos.

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  5. we eat at los arcos once a week! we were there last night. we would use the watauga pass most. definitely a chance to try some different places.

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  7. We’d use the Watauaga pass more often than the others- and as for favorite place- Makoto’s would be my kids’ favorite but I’m becoming a big Coyote Kitchen fan.

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  10. Lisa Hodges says

    I love these cards!! Dos Amigos or Makotos would be my pick. Most likely the Watauga card would be used the most.

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  13. We’d love the Watauga pass….we frequent several of these places and can always use the pass.

  14. Posted on my facebook!!

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  16. The Watauga pass has a lot of the restaurants we frequent the most. Carolina Barbeque is my ultimate favorite. I am forwarding this on via email to my daughter.

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  18. Amy Forrester says

    Oh, I’d LOVE to have the Watauga pass!!! Frankly, I like too many restaurants on there to mention all of them, but we frequent Dos Amigos almost weekly, and I especially love Woodlands, Bald Guy Brew, and Boone Drug. I’d like to try Tupelo’s and Char, as well.

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  20. Amy Forrester says

    posted it on my facebook profile!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. We could use the Watauga or Avery-Watauga pass. We love Tupelo’s, Coyote Kitchen and Dos Amigos, but the kids would pick Cici’s.

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  23. dh & i both get dining cards from our employer’s at christmas, and we LOVE it! with 3 kids, or even those rare chances out alone, we almost always use our card. our favorite restaurant on it is probably: the ones we haven’t used yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  25. Christina says

    I would like to have the Watauga-Ashe card. My favorite restaurant is Isabel’s.

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  27. Y Collins says

    Yummmmm — love Conrad’s coffee and Coyote Kitchen. Watauga is where we spend our time, so that is my fave. Thanks!

  28. I love it- I’ll take them all!

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  30. Sarah, Thanks for telling everyone about the new site! Thanks to everyone for your warm comments as well. I have personally loved going to restaurants that I thought I would never go to because I had the card and have discovered places I wouldn’t have if not for the card. Thanks to the restaurants for participating!

  31. Sarah McKethan says

    I would purchase the Watuaga Card and I love the new resturant Char. It is great!

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  33. I would use the Watauga one.
    I love Coyte Kitchen but also enjoying eating at all the other places too!

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  35. Hanna Rasco says

    I would use the Watuaga card. My family loves to go to Woodlands. I also love Coyote Kitchen.

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  37. I would take the Watuaga card! We eat at Los Arcos often.

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  39. I’ve forwarded this email on to friends!

  40. I would love a Watauga pass and my favorite restaurant is Black Cat

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  42. i’d love to get a watauga dining pass – my favorite restaurant is Black Cat

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  44. I’d love the Watauga one!

  45. Subscriber….I would love the Dos Amigos especially !

  46. i would love to have the watauga dining card and coyote is by far my favorite!

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  48. forwarding by email!

  49. Ashleigh Stroot says

    I’d love all three, but as a Boonie I would really utilize the Watauga one. My favorite place on there is Coyote Kitchen, although the occasional Dan’l Boone Inn visit is ALWAYS delicious too!

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  52. Karen Haury says

    The Watauga card would be my choice and Stick Boy is my favorite!

  53. The Watauga one sounds great! My family loves Blimpie Subs and also Los Arcos.

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  55. The Watauga pass would be great – we like Sakura and Dos Amigos!

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  57. forwarded to friend.

  58. I’d like the Watauga or the Ashe card we like Dos Amigos

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