Freebie Friday: Niki’s Knacks Handmade Kid’s Items

This Friday, we have some great children’s items from Niki’s Knacks! I shared a booth with Niki at the Playhouse Family Music Festival, which was a fabulous time! She handcrafts all her signature items, which you can see at her Etsy Shop (Click Here)

"Hey! Where are my keys?"

While we were at the festival, I bought one of these super cute Key Fobs. Can someone please tell me what a “fob” is? Anyway, Niki’s key fobs are made of strong materials and are large enough to fit around your wrist or door knob. They won’t get lost in the bottom of your purse, either! Here it is up close:

Perhaps Niki’s most signature item is the chalkboard place-mats! These are so convenient for traveling, restaurants, and those times when you have to kill time in town in between dance classes! The chalk cleans up wonderfully, unlike crayons, which melt in the car! Niki brought some to Bald Guy Brew Wednesday, and the kids have a blast! My daughter, demonstrated how to use the chalkboard place-mat. She’s a great model, if I do say so myself.

Simply draw your circles...

Simply draw your circles...

Tuck the chalk back in...

Tuck the chalk back in..

Roll it up and you're on your way!

Roll it up and you're on your way

Come on, girls, the more the merrier!

Come on, girls, the more the merrier!

Niki is offering a $10 Gift Certificate for her handmade items. Here’s what you can do to enter:

  • Visit Niki’s Knacks (Click Here), and choose your favorite product. She’s got tons of different patterns, even some that aren’t listed on her web page.
  • Come back to this post and leave a comment, saying which product you like.
  • If you’re a Mom Squad subscriber, you get an extra entry. Leave a separate comment.
  • You get a third entry if you share this article by email, blog or MySpace/ Facebook. Leave a third comment.

Three entries per family please. The contest will run through Sunday, August 24, and the winner will be announced Monday morning..


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  2. would love the key wristlet, I am forever loosing my keys and looking through the bottom of my purse for them!

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  4. her i spy bags ROCK!

  5. i’m now a subscriber 🙂 and I double recommend the i spy bags. I’m going to get several for christmas presents this year!!!

  6. i love love love the i spy bags!

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  8. emailing!

  9. I wanted the Spy Bag soooo bad but never got up with Niki to buy one. I think they are so cute.

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  11. i love it all! surprise me!

  12. i’m a subscriber too!

  13. I love the key fob thingy and everything else!! What a neat website she has!

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  15. Posted on my facebook profile!!

  16. Would love the portable chalkboard! That would make restaurants much more pleasant!!!

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  18. i already have a chalkboard placemat and a crayon roll-up and my daughter loves them both! i would like an i-spy bag to add to her collection of niki’s knacks!

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  20. i shared this as well!

  21. I love the sock monkey placemat! What a great idea!

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  24. Way cool Key Fob! I need this at the grocery store when I’m trying to find my VIP cards. The I Spy bags look like a great item, too. Fun stuff!

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  26. i love the cool colors and patterns in the key wristlets!

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  28. I’m all for the chalkboard placemat!

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  30. Chalkboard placemat

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  32. I ordered a crayon roll-up already, but would love a chalk board mat!!

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  34. The spy-bags – most definitely!

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  36. I love the key “fob”!!

  37. I love the placemats!

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  39. I love the I Spy bags!!!!

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