Freebie Friday: Peter Pan Tickets

The Blowing Rock Stage Company will be performing the beloved musical Peter Pan, starting tonight! The show will run Wednesdays through Sundays from today through August 9th, at the Miriam & Robert Hayes Performing Arts Center in Blowing Rock. Many local actors will be in the show, along with several local children. To see the schedule, click here!

The Blowing Rock Stage Company has offered 2 tickets to see the show for a Mom Squad reader. Thanks to Melanie Miller, who will be performing, for contacting the Stage Company for us!

In order to win, leave a comment, saying which Peter Pan character you most identify with.

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  • 3 entries total per family.
  • The only rule is that you can’t win two weeks in a row.

The contest will run through Sunday, July 20, and the winner will be announced Monday morning..


  1. Of course I relate to Wendy….mothering all those wild boys!

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  3. Emailed this article to four other moms in the area…..

  4. Susan Miller says:

    Peter Pan because I love an adventure 🙂

  5. Susan Miller says:


  6. Niki Miller says:

    I always felt like Wendy growing up with 4 brothers!

  7. Niki Miller says:


  8. Niki Miller says:

    sent an e-mail

  9. Nicole Barker says:

    Another Wendy here, mother of four really relates to her

  10. Nicole Barker says:


  11. Nicole Barker says:

    subcriber and emailed to other people

  12. when i was younger i was, in my mind, peter pan
    now i feel more like wendy (more mom-like)

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  14. Nana today – just sleepy!

  15. I’m a subscriber.

  16. sent an email

  17. carson coatney says:

    peter of course!

  18. Sarah McKethan says:

    I am Wendy for sure making sure the boys are in line

  19. Sarah McKethan says:


  20. Meredith says:

    Would love to win those tickets!

  21. Meredith says:


  22. Shannon says:

    Another Wendy here.

  23. Shannon says:


  24. Probably Wendy

  25. Shannon says:

    I emailed this one to “Peter”!

  26. suscriber

  27. Definitely Wendy. I have 2 boys and also take care of my nephew when my sister works!

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  30. My daughter loves Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. We want to see this play!
    Tinker Bell…short and sassy.

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  32. Marci P says:

    Amber says she is Wendy because she is adventurous, Candace says Peter Pan because she doesn’t want to grow up and I’m Wendy because someone has to be resonsible.

  33. Marci P says:

    Actually, it should be responsible. Subscriber

  34. Marci P says:

    E-mail sent

  35. I always wanted to be a Lost Boy!! Never growing up is my lifelong dream!

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  37. Melanie says:

    I love Peter Pan, because I refuse to grow up!

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  39. i guess i’m a wendy too. the one with a plan taking care of it all!

  40. Ashleigh Stroot says:

    Peter Pan was my favorite movie growing up. I identify most with Peter because truly growing up just seems like a dreadful ide to me!

  41. Ashleigh Stroot says:


  42. Tinker Bell! I’m sneaky and have a little temper.

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  44. Hanna Rasco says:

    I have always wanted to be Peter Pan and never grow up! 🙂

  45. carol burns says:


  46. carol burns says:

    I loved the song “I won’t grow up” for years. Does that make Peter my answer?

  47. Hanna Rasco says:

    I think that Emma, my daughter, would probably be Nana. She loves dogs and is very motherly, always taking care of her sister and her dolls and trying to make sure everyone does what they are supposed to be doing.

  48. Hanna Rasco says:

    I think my other daughter, Elise, would probably be Michael because right now she is just along for the ride but I think she has the makings of a Tinker Bell. Fiery and fun loving.

  49. Amy Mueller says:

    hmm… I think Wendy because she’s a little mother

  50. Amy Mueller says:


  51. Peter Pan of course, because I’m still a child which has never grown up!