Freebie Friday: Really Cool Kids’ Music!

Last year at the Playhouse Family Music Festival, I was introduced to an AMAZING kids’ musician based in Asheville! Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is a refreshing convergence of Hip Hop and Kid Bop,  which is not your typical cheesy sing-song fare.  They had all the kids (and parents) at the festival jiving to the infectious beats!

According to Cookie Magazine:23skidoo_logo_72dpi

This is real hip-hop, with thumping funk grooves that wouldn’t seem out of place on adult radio and the kind of playful rhymes that came from Will Smith back in his Fresh Prince days (so it’s accessible even to those who may not consider themselves rap fans). The lyrics are pure kid stuff (read more…)

From Secret Agent 23 Skidoo’s website:

By combining the world of infectious beats and rhymes that he grew up on with the magical realm of childhood, He aims to introduce kids to hip hop without compromising either one.
His debut album, “Easy”, mixes traditional funk, bluegrass, reggae and blues with classic golden age hip hop beats. Then, he tops it off with positive, party rocking rhymes, and a slew of exciting characters from the last dragon left on earth to the bluegrasshopper.

It’s a wonderful coincidence that this weekend is another Playhouse Music Festival, and Secret Agent 23 Skidoo contacted the Mom Squad to offer us a chance to win his awesome CD and guest list ticket at the CD Label Re-release Show concert in Asheville!


23 Skidoo with Daughter Saki

23 Skidoo will be appearing at The Grey Eagle in Asheville with The Mad Tea Party, on August 22 at 2 PM,  to celebreate the re-release of “Easy” with 6 new songs! 23 Skidoo recently was signed with a brand new, ultra-funky children’s recording label, Happiness Records!

Here is a sample of his funky music and videos, with the hit song, “I Gotta Be Me”: (warning: If you click through to You Tube, we cannot guarantee the family friendly nature of the videos.)

You can also catch 23 Skidoo Saturday, August 29 at 2:30PM at The Evening Muse in Charlotte, NC
Price: 5$ presale
call: 704.376.3737
7$ day of show

Right now, these CDs are only available at live shows!  You can enter to win both the VIP Ticket  for the Asheville show and CD below, by following the simple steps.

  • Visit the Secret Agent 23 Skidoo website and sample the selections of music there. Come back to this post and leave a comment saying which one is your favorite.

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The contest will be open through Thursday, August13, and the winner will be announced via email and our winner’s page.  Asheville/ High Country  Area Residents and visitors age 18 and older are eligible to win.  No compensation was received for this giveaway..


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  2. the kids are standing here as I listen to the samples. No agreement on a favorite, but they are all dancing around. I love that he doesn’t sound like he is whining.

  3. I GOTTA BE ME! My son is loving this group- I’ve got a feeling this won’t be the last of them in my house.

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