Freebie Friday Round-Up

Can we pretend it’s Friday? Good. I forgot Freebie Friday, didn’t I? This is all Barb’s fault. She did Tasty Tuesday on Wednesday and I got all confused. See there? I haven’t even met the lady yet, and I’m already throwing her under the bus. I have no shame. I should run for political office.

Anyway, I do have a round-up of some great giveaways I’m entering this week. How about some chances to win cash and gift cards? Christmas is practically here, and I’ll bet I’m not the only one wishing I had just a little more scratch to spend on the kiddos.

How’s that? Is that enough links to get you guys to forgive me for forgetting it was Friday? I’m going to set a reminder to pop up, so I won’t forget that again. Sorry!



  1. Shameless.