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I remember my first introduction to the concept of “Mommy Cards.”  The idea is that you have a business-card-like thing to had to people that you meet at the park, or friends from school, with your contact information on it. That way, they are reminded of the parent’s names, and can contact you for playdates, carpooling and such!

A friend got some as a gift from her friend in NY City, and I kind of dismissed it as a “metropolitan” thing, since someone you meet on any given day may not cross your path ever again!  “We don’t need that here,” I thought, since ours is a small town where most people know each other.

However, I started to think about having your kids’ allergies listed, dropping your child off with a friend and making sure they have your contact information and emergency numbers. Not to mention trying to remember which parents’ names match with the friends of my children!


And now, I tend to think Mommy Cards are a great idea- not only for networking, but for safety. If your child has trouble remembering the home phone number, your cell numbers, they can tuck one into their bookbag, or sports bag in case they need to call.  Sometimes I feel weird giving out my business card to a new friend at the park with my contact info on it, because they don’t really need to know about my business. (Well, they do if they’re a mom, but you know what I mean)! And if my child had a peanut allergy, for instance, I would love to make sure the person in charge had that information.


What do you think?  Are Mommy Cards a good idea? is a full service online design and printing company.  They would like to offer one Mom Squad reader a set of 115 Mommy Cards completely FREE. While there are many designs at that you can get for free, this offer includes any card design and shipping!

Here is how to enter:

  • Visit and check out their Mommy Card Designs.
  • Leave a comment here saying a benefit you see of having Mommy Cards, and your favorite design.

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  1. I am in love with this idea! How incredibly innovative! Of course if it were to list all the “occupations” we did than there would never be enough room! I can find these coming in handy everywhere from daycare, to nursery, babysitting, and playdates. How nice to be able to put moms names and faces withe their kids instead of just being So and So’s mom! My favorite was the black and white one with the photo of the baby’s hand in the mothers! I almost cried it was so precious! Thanks for offering these! God Bless!

  2. I twittered (well I retweeted) :p

  3. I am a subscriber 🙂

  4. Kari M. Nederbrock says

    I love the idea of the ‘mommy cards.’ It would be easier to keep track of than those stray pieces of paper that we all use to write down our numbers and such. I’ve resorted to using my hand or arm, knowing I’ll get home and put it somewhere more permanent. But this card idea is brilliant. Love it!

  5. I would greatly benefit from these cards b/c my son has a heart condition. As it is, I leave a ton of information with people who care for him, but this would nicely consolidate it into one location. I think it would also help the people who care for him to feel more confident. I like the natural design of: BBR_0001255_A.

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  8. Those are so awesome as I often find myself forgetting other mom’s name! You are using the kids name all the time so I remember those, but I don’t remember the mom’s name.

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  10. I think it’s a great idea. I dont know if I would use the allergy part of it, but it would be great to hand out to a new friend to meet up for a play date or to keep on your child at all times in case of an emergency. I really like the butterfly with music notes design.

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  12. sharing!

  13. Cool idea! I would love to have some of these to put Melia’s heart info and carepage on. Of course, I like the cards with hearts on them!

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  16. I’m a real life subscriber 😛

  17. I love the blue daisey (BGV_0000975_A). A great idea thinking in the future for Graves’ lactose intolerance!

  18. Christina says

    I think these would be great to leave with babysitters. I like the one with the yellow sun.

  19. Christina says


  20. great idea – subscriber

  21. Who won?