Freebie Friday: Tweetsie Railroad

Back by popular demand (and by the generous people at Tweetsie), we have a family four-pack of tickets to Tweetsie Railroad for one Mom Squad reader!

Just because school has started, it doesn’t mean the fun at Tweetsie Railroad halogoc_b_imgs to stop! Tweetsie is still open seven days a week, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm through August 23.  Starting August 28, they will open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (and Labor Day – Monday, September 8), 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

There are a few special events still to come as well!

Railfan Weekend: September 12-13

Ghost Train Halloween Festival: October Weekends ( these giveaway tickets are not valid for the evening Ghost Train Festival)

For more information, including fun facts and the very interesting history, visit

I know many of us have fond memories of summers at Tweetsie Railroad, and Tweetsie is generously offering one Mom Squad Reader a Family Four-Pack of tickets for a day at Tweetsie!


Here’s how to enter:

Leave a separate comment for each of these entries (there are tons of ways to enter!):

This giveaway is open to residents or visitors of the High Country Area 18 or older.  Comments will be open through Thursday, August 20 and the winner will be notified by email and on our Winners Page.  Tweetsie tickets cannot be used for Ghost Train Festival..


  1. Love Tweetsie…favorite memory, the chair lift to the top in the fall. Beauiful! The kids would probably say the fake horses, cloggers, candy and shaved ice, rides, gem mining, petting zoo…oh, you get the point. They like it all!

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  3. Favorite memory from earlier this year: My five year old sitting by the window on the train, surely out of the way of any stray Indians. However, they jumped right through his window to steal the gold. He freaked out and vowed, “I will NEVER ride that train again.” It seems like I said the same thing when I was a little girl. It gets less scary, right?

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  5. Been here a yr and STILL haven’t made it to Tweetsie… maybe soon?

  6. Amy Forrester says

    i will always remember my girls clogging with the cloggers when they used to bring the kids on stage…

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  8. We love Tweetsie. We went this year for the first time in years. My daughter absolutely loves it. I guess my favorite memory would be just getting to spend a carefree day with my daughter and husband and seeing her get so excited running from ride to ride!!

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  12. Lisa Hodges says

    My favorite memories are watching my kids get so excited over all of it.

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  14. When I was 5 or 6, we came to Tweetsie and I took a picture with Fred Kirby who sang the Little Rascals song!

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  17. My uncle drove the mouse train when I was little and sometimes on his day off, he would take us for the day. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to take my daughter.

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  22. The look on my daughters face the first time she rode the mouse train was priceless!

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  27. I still can’t believe that I haven’t made it to Tweetsie with my little boy! Maybe winning tix would get us moving that way! I used to love to pose for pictures on the horses and in the jail.

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  29. My daughter and her family (4 total) would love to go to Tweetsie this weekend. My grandson who is four, enjoys the rides, especially the train with the loud whistle, and of course the robbery and shoot-out. My granddaughter, who is 10, also is a fan of Tweetsie RR. She enjoys the rides as well, and loves to watch the shows.

  30. This year, my son turned 4, and he became a cowboy. I’m not sure how this metamorphosis occurred, I only know that he wants to wear his cowboy boots, and vest everywhere he goes. Last time we were at Tweetsie, which I guess would have been last fall, he was a little frightened by the big train, the loud whistle, and the cowboys. He has recently informed me that he no longer fears these things, and wants to have the chance to prove that to me (of course while wearing his entire cowboy ensemble). I would love to give him that opportunity. I’m a single mother of two kids, and can’t often afford extravagant trips and events for my kids… this would allow all of us to spend a fun family day together, without worrying about the expense.