Freebie Friday: Tweetsie Railroad Family Pack



Tweetsie Railroad Themepark has been a landmark in the Boone/ Blowing Rock area since 1957, the railroad since 1919. Hundreds of moms have driven their kids toward the “tweeting” train whistle on hwy 321!  For a few summers when my kids were little, the Tweetsie Season Pass saved my sanity, as I walked around the park with the baby in the stroller while my toddlers were well entertained.  It kept me in shape, too!

And speaking of “Tweeting,” Tweetsie is on Twitter now, at @tweetsierr.  You can find them on Facebook at I’m a little jealous that they got to have their own url, since they have 1000+ fans!

Tweetsie has a jam-packed lineup of special events for the summer, here is the entire schedule:41_web

Meet Dora and Diego: June 26-28

Fireworks Extravaganza: Saturday, July 4 Park open till 9PM

Fun Festival: July 17-19 with Bob the Builder, Barney, and Angelina Ballerina

K-9s in Flight Frisbee Dogs: August 1-9

Riders in the Sky: August 15-16

Railfan Weekend: September 12-13

Ghost Train Halloween Festival: October Weekends

For more information, including fun facts and the very interecting history, visit

I know many of us have fond memories of summers at Tweetsie Railroad, and Tweetsie is generously offering one Mom Squad Reader a Family Four-Pack of tickets for a day at Tweetsie!


Here’s how to enter:

Leave a separate comment for each of these entries (there are tons of ways to enter!):

This giveaway is open to residents or visitors of the High Country Area 18 or older.  Comments will be open through Thursday, June  25 and the winner will be notified by email and on our Winners Page.  Tweetsie tickets cannot be used for Ghost Train Festival..


  1. Ashely Scruggs says

    My favorite Tweetsie memory is taking Madison for fireworks on Fourth of July when she was only 3 weeks old. She slept through the whole thing!

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  6. My favorite Tweetsie memory was the excitement on Liliana’s face when she saw Thomas!!!

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  11. My favorite Tweetsie Memory is when I took my girls for the first time and it brought the biggest smile I was making memories with them that my parents created with me as a small child at the same exact place. I’m a sap aren’t I?

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  18. My favorite memory of Tweetsie is my first date with my husband, thirteen years ago. We went to the ghost train and I insisted that we ride the ferris wheel together. He warned me that he was very prone to motion sickness. I didn’t believe him. I should have. 😉

  19. My favorite memory of Tweetsie is when I was a little girl and saw Fred Kirby there, complete with satin cowboy shirt with white fringe. Fred Kirby was a local celebrity; he hosted The Little Rascals on WBTV in Charlotte on Saturday mornings and would appear at Tweetsie often.

    I look forward to taking my little one this summer to ride the train and sit on the horse!

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  21. Roberta Meyers-Edmisten says

    I am a FAN of Tweetsie RailRoad on Facebook!

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    I am a FAN of High Country Mom Squad on Facebook! Sarah, you are a few fans closer to the 1000 required to get your own URL!!!!!

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    I just subscribed to your WEEKLY E-MAIL Newsletter and am looking forward to reading it!!!

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  26. Roberta Meyers-Edmisten says

    My favorite “Memories” of visiting Tweetsie Railroad actually have to do with photographs of my brother, aa a toddler, sitting on a horse statue, and many years later, of my sons Corey and Danny having similar photos taken, maybe on the very same horse! I am very much looking forward to my 3rd son, Ezra, sitting on a horse statue and having a similar photo taken! I also think Ezra will really enjoy the animals in the Deer Park, as he is very interested in animals everywhere we travel! Thank you, Tweetsie, for being an outlet for good, clean, family fun for all ages!!!!!!

  27. my sweet son scraping together his pennies to buy chocolate candy at the fudge shop…the “fudge lady” found it precious too and hooked us up with a bit more than pennies would buy!

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  29. Amy Smith says

    My favorite memory was watching my kids ride the mouse train for the first time. Fear and excitement all at once!

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  32. Trish Hicks says

    I remember driving up from Charlotte with my Dad to visit Tweetsie, riding the train and seeing Fred Kirby. I also liked riding the horses.

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  41. Favorite memory: Riding the scrambler in the rain…over and over.

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  43. Love it when my 19 mth old knows that we are approaching the Tweetsie area and gets excited, yells “Mommy!”, and proceeds to say CHOO CHOO over and over again! And my 5 year old shrieks like a girl when we pull up cause he knew we were gonna see Thomas!

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  52. we did not get a season pass this year but would love to go one time

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  56. My favorite memory is watching the amazement on my twins eyes the first time we rode the mouse train- it was better than Disney!!!

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  60. Can you believe it?? I have lived up here for 6 years and never been to Tweetsie!!! Now that I have a little one, I’d love to go and take her!!

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  65. I honestly have no memories of Tweetsie yet. I am 26 years old, a single mother of an amazing 2 year old little boy, and neither of us have had the opportunity to go yet. His 3rd birthday is next month and I would LOVE to be able to take him! I want to make memories with him at Tweetsie. 🙂

  66. I have an 8 yr old son that has never been to Tweetsie. My older two children have been. I’d love to take my son.

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  68. Anna Lynch says

    We haven’t ever been to Tweetsie before. I think my 2 and 4 year old would love seeing “real” cowboys and Indians, riding the train, and visiting the petting zoo.

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  71. I used to go as a kid and now I take my kids! And Phoenix is obsessed with trains right now!

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  77. Christina says

    My uncle used to work at Tweetsie when I was little and sometimes on his day off he used to take my sister and me. We would have so much fun and we thought he was so cool!

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  79. Lisa Hodges says

    I loved Tweetsie when I was little and now I take my kids and they love the train!!

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  81. i have many tweetsie memories that are awesome since my daughter loves that place, but i would have to say that i think it’s amazing how excited she gets when she sees tweetsie pull up into the station. she’s seen that happen so many times, but she is just as excited every single time! never gets old for her!

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  86. I forgot to leave a memory! My favorite memory of Tweetsie is my girls dancing on stage with the cloggers as soon as they could walk. I have MANY fond memories of Tweetsie from their toddlerhood.