Get Healthy with “Boone’s Biggest Winner League”

On September 10th and 11th Boone’s Biggest Winner’s League will begin its fall classes: On Tuesdays from 11:30 -12:30 OR Wednesday evenings from 5:30 -7:00 pm. Join us at the Paul H. Broyhill Wellness Center for a whole-foods lifestyle makeover with instructor Susan Bacot.

Our program has produced many “Winners” in the weight war, but most importantly people are learning a new way to look at food, exercise and lifestyle as key to maintaining a balanced life. If you are struggling with yet another diet that just isn’t working for you, we invite you to join us and learn how nutritious foods – foods high in nutrient density can satisfy, how you do have time for exercise and relaxation. You will gain the skills to achieve your goals for balanced living!

Hear what our newest Biggest Winner had to say:

Corrinne Lousks Assad, winner of our most recent Boone’s Biggest Winner’s League (BBWL) is a local wife, mom and realtor with a busy life.

Susan: Corrine, what was your initial reason for joining BBWL?

Corrine: I completed a physical with my doctor and talked with her about feeling depressed, in general just feeling bad. I found out on this visit I had high triglycerides, high cholesterol, and my sugar levels were in diabetic range. I left the doctor’s office with several prescriptions for medications. I do not like taking medications! Someone gave me a pass to the Wellness Center that night and I saw the sign for the Biggest Winner class. I took that as a “sign”; I was supposed to participate. So I joined that night.

Susan: What was the most important lesson you learned by attending the program?

Corrine: The class focused on taking care of ourselves. I cannot help others until I help myself. I cannot give to others until I take care of myself. Self-responsibility is important because it takes away the excuses; the blaming of circumstances or other struggles and gives focus to the process not the outcome.

Susan: What change happened for you?

Corrine: After only two weeks of changing my diet, my blood work was different. All my levels were normal. My cholesterol is now 160.

Susan: What other changes have you made as a result of the program?

Corrine: I made changes in the way I eat. I eat more food than I ever have before. I am not hungry and I lose weight. I exercise more and eat until I feel full. This is the first time in my life that I have changed my diet and not been hungry.

Susan: How is this different from other programs?

Corrine: I have done all the programs out there but I was hungry all the time. I have lost 27 pounds so far and I never feel starved. On all the other diets I have done, it took me 6 months or more to lose that much weight. This program encourages exercise and eating right foods. Foods recommended are foods that are nutritious and healing to the body. One of the biggest differences I have made is in my thinking about carbohydrates and how important they are for energy. I use to stay away from carbs, now I realize I need good complex carbohydrates for fueling my day!

Susan: Is this a program you will be able to maintain the rest of your life?

Corrine: Yes. I have learned to do things differently. I pack a cooler every day to take as I drive around. I always have good food on hand. Every day I fill up a gallon of water and my cooler. It takes me a few minutes a day to get it all ready. Another great benefit is that it has saved so much money because I don’t eat out anymore!

Susan: Thank you Corrine for your insights and encouragement to others to begin this journey!

For more information or to sign up to participate contact Bryan Belcher of Watauga County Healthy Carolinians at (828) 268 8961..