Getting Kids to Sort Laundry is Easier Than You Think

I used to spend so much time sorting laundry right before putting it in the washer. Having all the laundry together meant that I couldn’t just take out one load, I had to go through it all to find the Whites, Lights, and Darks. When we moved into our new house, I decided it was time for HipChick (7) and Princess (4) to help. I’ll give Pea a pass for a few years. SO I came up with this system, which I’m sure is not totally unique, but it works for me!

  • I purchased one of these three-compartment sorters. I was hesitant at first about spending $30 on a laundry basket, but it has been completely worth the money! I’d do it again in a heartbeat
  • Then, I clipped a color chart to each bin, so the kids could match the colors of their clothes to the best bin. They do a pretty great job, and it’s kind of like a game. Click the image to print the color chart.

Do I sometimes find a hot pink shirt in the white bin? Of course! But getting the kids in on the action has been a huge time-saver for me!

How do you involve your kids in the housework?.


  1. Great tip! Thanks!