Gluten-Free White Bread Recipe

I have been on a gluten-free journey the last couple of months. After dealing with stomach issues for a few years now including two hospitalizations, I decided to try a gluten free diet. It has really changed my life. I am currently off all of my stomach medicines which is huge. One thing that I was missing, was bread. I have cut way down on my bread consumption obviously, but this recipe is letting me get in a little bit of bread into my diet each week.

When I was at Earth Fare, I found the King Arthur gluten-free bread flour. It was worth a try, I thought. Indeed it was, as the bread is absolutely delicious.



Click here for the baking directions.

After smelling the wonderful aroma in the kitchen, I happily pulled the bread out of the oven. I immediately let me two daughters try the bread with me, and we all agreed the taste was very incredible.

If you are on a gluten-free diet, I would highly recommend this recipe. Earth Fare even has the bread mix in a box. You only have to add eggs, oil and water.