Grandfather Mountain Announces Dollar Days for April 2016

Grandfather Mountain Dollar Days 2016

Spring is right around the corner and that means it is time for Dollar Days at Grandfather Mountain.

Shake off the winter doldrums and experience Grandfather Mountain for an exceptional price. Throughout the month of April, residents and employees of Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Mitchell, Watauga and Wilkes counties, along with guests traveling in the same vehicle, pay only $3 per person to enter the park. Proof of residency or employment required.

Pack a picnic or order food from Mildred’s GrillΒ and make precious family memories.


  1. LaWanda Griffin says

    What about caldwell and alexander counties? We would love to come also.

  2. Carol Edwards says

    Why are other counties close by not included? For example, McDowell, Caldwell. Burke, Yancey.

  3. Please add Iredell County. I was born and raised in Avery County. Love Grandfather!! Thank you!

  4. Vicky Sherrill says

    Why not Caldwell?? We are bordering… not fair at all!

  5. Johnson county would love to come too

  6. I think Yancey county should be added to this as well please, I have a whole gang of family an friends that would love to come that otherwise couldn’t.

  7. Ken Schwendinger says

    How about Rowan Co. It be my first time, love the mountains, never been on Grandfather’s mountain.

  8. Leigh Metcalf says

    I wish you would add Burke! We only live about 45 mintues away and this would make for awesome multiple trips for hiking, and extra adventure. We only come up about once every 2 years because it’s so expensive! πŸ™

  9. Susan Huffman says

    What about your neighbors in Burke and Caldwell? We deserve a break too!

  10. Christina Casco says

    Caldwell county needs to be added also. I am 33 years old and have never been. Would love to take my four kids for their first time also but being a single mom on a fixed income with no other financial support, it is not possible to go with the price so high.

  11. That’s like us were not far from there either I know a lot of us here in mountain city/ johnson county tennessee go every year we have a blast even with the animals and nice little hiking.

  12. Does my child need proof of residency?

  13. Lawrence Duke Laws says

    Caldwell is a lot closer than most of the one that are included. Part of Green Park Inn is on Caldwell County, so what the crap!

  14. neva perkins says

    If anyone knows someone inside these counties and you feel comfortable enough to go with them you cant get them to show there infor at the gate.

  15. Jennifer Bowman says

    Our county comes right up to the top of the mountain. Why is Caldwell not included? Why just the few chosen?

  16. Please add Carter County. We are close by too! Thanks!

  17. Heather Buchanan says

    Is there a list of dates posted? Wanting to an a trip!

  18. What about those counties not getting the 3.00 charge be able to get in for 6.00? They get a discount but not as much as 3.00.

  19. What about Catawba county

  20. Why not all residents of north Carolina we all live in this great state

  21. Cathy Waddell says

    What about Yadkin Co.? We want to be included. We are on the other side of Wilkes. I haven’t been since Lowes Foods offered discounts years ago.

  22. Please include Caldwell County. I want to take my family.

  23. They should do like Mystery Hill did last year when they did dollar days and open it up the EVERYONE in NC. It gets people to the mountains that may not go a often as others brings more business to the area, and let’s everyone see what they are missing out on.

  24. Does this include full-time Appalachian students? My son is certainly there more than he’s at home!

  25. We brought a van full one day {our family of 6 plus grandma and grandpa} and it was our first time and we were SHOCKED at the price!!! We seriously almost had to turn around because we thought we didn’t have enough money. It was embarrassing. I think more people would come and come back if the price was adorable. We would love to come back for the dollar days, I wish they would ale it for everyone & cut the price in half for a regular day.

  26. Teresa Monroe says

    Should be for all surrounding counties. Not just a select few.

  27. I hope they include Yancey county. I would love to bring my 7 kids. However at regular price it’s out of our budget.

  28. Please add caldwell county…I would live to bring my son he is 15 and never been…prices are just to high for a single parent

  29. Melanie Johnson says

    Please add more counties! We are in Burke and would love to visit but with a large family general tickets are pretty pricey

  30. tammy bruce says

    Please add caldwell we love to come too

  31. Yes! Caldwell County should be added! We love Grandfather Mountain! Pretty please! πŸ™‚

  32. Does this include app state students?

  33. Why not the entire state?

  34. I migrated to Burke County but was born and raised in Avery…please add other surrounding counties.

  35. Melissa Whisenant says

    You should add Burke County! We are close enough and I myself have never been to grandfather mountain and would love to come and bring a group!

  36. Faye Beaumont says

    we have a large family, some in North Charlotte and the rest in Rutherford county. I didn’t realize it is so expensive! Why isn’t it per car?