Healthy Toddler Snack Ideas

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I’ve recently started tensing up at the question, “Mom, can we have a snack?” when it comes from my sweet toddlers mouth.  I get tense because I’m a mom that some might call a little bit crunchy.  Meaning, I don’t typically serve up goldfish, graham crackers, or any other typical kid snack food.  I’m a health nut, and a natural living freak.  Those tend to be special treats that the kids only get when they are at a friends house, at preschool, or in the nursery at church because I don’t feel like I can always control every situation. I want to serve up things that I consider healthy, unprocessed and minus all the sugar additives.  And, it doesn’t help any that my 3 year old is a bit picky, so most food that I suggest just seems to get the boot.  “No, I don’t want that.” Is a phrase that comes out between his precious little lips.

I have several recipes that I would love to make for my kiddos, but lately I just find myself too exhausted to literately cook up something.  Who knows, maybe it is due to being pregnant, chasing two toddlers, starting a business, or just plain thinking about packing up my house to get ready to move across town.  Ouch, I sound busy!  Life can be a little busy, right?  It’s all about having a good balance.

In order to change my boring old snack habits and brainstorm something new, I took a short poll of High Country Moms and did a little reserach to find some healthy toddler snacks that can make snack time a little more healthy (and a little more fun).  Share your great ideas with a comment on this post!  I would love to hear them!

Here is what they said:

Apple Slices and Peanut Butter

Nori (seaweed) wrapped Bananas

Fruit and bread cut into fun shapes with Cookie Cutters

Homemade Granola or Protein Bars


                                                                                                               Sneaky Chef Muffin Recipes


Or, how about these great ideas?

Homemade Popsicles

Monkey Mix

Chocolate Drizzled Trail Mix

Homemade Crackers

Egg Boats

Tasty and educational – Coral Snack Snack

So, tell us.  What are your great snack ideas?


  1. Wonderful snack ideas. Creative and healthy all in one. What kid wouldn’t want to eat these snack? Thanks for sharing.

  2. We stick with three meals a d two snacks a day: fruit in morning (raisins, grapes, berries, an occasional apple or banana), and nuts with “milk” in the afternoon (almond milk or dark chocolate almond milk are favorites, and easier on her digestion than cows milk; her nuts picks are unsalted peanuts and cashews). She thrives on knowing what’s coming, and I’m confident she gets a daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Win Win!

    • We always try to have fruit on hand, to, Athalia. Occasionally, the kids will get extra hungry on a growth spurt or something, and we can say “Grab a pice of fruit.” Of cours, mine are not toddlers anymore 😉