Help Build Our Snow Day Survival Kit!

It has begun early again this year! The dreaded (or awaited, depending on who you are) snow season! I would love to create a Snow Day Survival Kit for Moms, when their kids are home from school!  I have some great ideas, HOWEVER…

I think it’s more fun when we all chip in and share, so we at the Mom Squad would love it if you would share your best suggestions for Snow Days with the Kids! If you have an idea, would you leave it in the comments? I will include these suggestions on a new page, called “Snow Day Survival Kit!

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Please post the Category, Your Idea, and the Name you would like to use.  (Your email address will NEVER be shared).


  1. Cooking with Kids…

    Cut out Sugar Cookies are very simple and the kids love it. I always thought these were hard to do when I was growing up but I have managed to make them 2 weeks in a row now. This is the recipe i have been using…,1610,129174-245196,00.html I usually do this in the morning and let it sit until the afternoon. Roll out and cut with cookie cutters. Add sprinkles if you like. My kids love sprinkles so we put them on at least half of the cookies. Enjoy and try to leave some for dad when he gets home.

  2. Well, we just moved here in time for the snow so I’m an amateur at this snowed in stuff. But, I have three small, very energetic kids that get bored easily so I had to come up with some stuff. I had a 3 day plan when I heard about the snow. I bought some felt, watercolors, fabric glue and lots of paper to bulk up our craft box. I saved a few of the things so that I could bring something new out each day. We’ve made banners for Christmas (JOY, PEACE, etc), water colors of the winter weather, snow flakes, angels (out of coffee filters!), and strung popcorn for the tree.

    Now that we’ve done al this, I’ve resorted to Shrek. 🙂

  3. Indoor Activities at Home….

    Last winter we stayed snowed in non stop; so every time I went to town I bought a new puzzle for my kids. I tried to make it slightly harder than I knew they could handle and something I could help them with it. Now puzzles are not my specialty. I have to work extra hard to understand the way they go together but I have been trying to challenge my kids and myself to think outside of our typical learning style. We can spend all day doing puzzles. They will sit and do the same on over and over again. I love it because it makes for a mostly quiet day. Which is nice!

  4. We set up an indoor picnic last year. Beach towels, sunglasses, hats, and typical picnic food. My 7 yr old said, “I can hear the ocean.” I said, “that is the dishwasher.” So, if you are like me, and are sick of the snow already, you might want to add “good attitude” to the picnic basket.

    We let the kids use headlamps to go sledding after dark. Again, not so awesome for me, but they loved it.

    In November make sure that you have a well stocked craft supply box. We keep smocks, paint, glue, paper, yarn, and beads in our box.

  5. I bought a while ago in preparation for the snow days a big role of simple brown shipping paper. Rolled it across the floor and got all craft supplies out. GLitter glue, christmas catalogs, scissors, glue, markers, stamps, finget paints and my 2 boys made wrapping paper for the family for Christmas. It was great and took HOURS!! The dogs even got finger paint claw prints added to the paper! 🙂

  6. Jennifer L. says

    OK, since we’ve had 8 going on 9 snow days this year, here’s a short list of Snow Day Stuff (both mom- and teacher-oriented) that we’ve done at home so far:
    1)Cookbook Scavenger Hunt: Look for yummy recipes (that use ingredients you have at home already) in one of those cook books that hasn’t been off the shelf in awhile. Make the recipe. Enjoy the rewards. Good for reading, math, and science practice!

    2)Eric Carle-Inspired Art: Get out the paint. Cover several sheets of paper with different colors in multiple combinations and patterns. Let dry. Cut out different shapes and glue them on blank paper to create animals, people, cities, landscapes, etc. Enjoy the art, as-is, or create/write a story to go along with the creations.

    3)Sock Puppets: Gather up all the unmatched, single socks in the house. Add buttons, ribbons, googly eyes, yarn hair, etc. Have a puppet show!

    4)Read-a-Thon: Snuggle up under some blankets with the kids and a huge pile of books and read, read, read. (Don’t forget to write the titles/time read on those school reading logs!)

    5)Math Fact Concentration: Make (or print out) math fact flash cards and play a game of Concentration (Memory).

    6)Handwriting Fun: Take your washable markers to the bathroom and practice writing numbers and letters on the tub/shower wall. (Do a small test run to make sure the markers you are using wash off the walls easily!)

    7)Target Practice: Draw a target/bulls eye on the tub wall with washable markers. Label each circle with a different point value. Use a suction cup ball or plastic suction cup darts to see who can get the highest score in five turns.

    8)Winter Egg Hunt: Those plastic eggs are good for fun any time of the year! Take turns counting, hiding, and finding eggs all through the house. Add a special surprise in one or two eggs for each hunt.

    9)Empty the Bank: Dump out those piggy banks and do some sorting, counting, and trading or matching (Ex. 5 pennies = 1 nickel).

    10)Mini-Golf: Design your own mini-golf course in the house. Use a plastic club and ball, if you have one, or make your own “club” out of a wrapping paper tube or a broom. Use a cup on its side as the “hole”.

    11)Obstacle Course: Easy fun. Good exercise. Use anything and everything you have to create a course – jump over a broom between two stools, do somersaults over a row of pillows, climb under a tunnel of couch cushions. Time each other to see who can make it through the course the fastest.

    12)Go Online: There are so many fun learning resources online. Many WCS School Fusion pages are full of class-specific information for students and parents who login – links, blogs, and class assignments.

    I’ll stop with an even dozen. We’ve had fun with these ideas, and I hope someone else will enjoy them, too!

  7. Must haves: clothespins for fort building, shaving cream or pudding to use as paint, temporary tattoos, tons of art supplies, big and little bubble wrap (we popped bubbles for 1/2 hour today!), mini flashlights for tag/hide & seek games, homemade play dough ingredients and recipe on hand.

  8. Must haves: clothespins for fort building, shaving cream or pudding to use as paint, temporary tattoos, tons of art supplies, big and little bubble wrap (we popped bubbles for 1/2 hour today!), mini flashlights for tag/hide & seek games, homemade play dough ingredients and recipe on hand.

  9. Indoor activities at home

    We play lots of board games. Sometimes we play games for the 4 year olds and the older kids will help them strategize. If the game is too hard for the younger ones, they play on teams with an older sibling and help by holding the cards, counting money, moving pieces, etc. It’s been amazing how quickly the little ones have learned to play games that are supposed to be above their heads!

  10. Jennifer R. says

    Life is short and kids grow up too fast, so enjoy every minute! Here are some ideas for…

    Outside: (Besides the obvious sled, ski, build)Play survivorman in the woods, look for animal tracks, build strange & unusual snow sculptures & have a contest with the neighbors, hang homemade bird feeders (pinecones, peanut butter & birdseed)

    Inside: practice magic tricks, write silly snow poetry & perform it, dance in your pajamas :o), make valentine’s (leftover candycanes make great hearts), learn something new like origami, crochet/knitting, chess, card games or a new painting technique, decorate shoeboxes with leftover Christmas wrap for OCC, recycle kid’s art and/or Christmas card fronts into card stock notecards & write notes to loved ones, bake cookies & share with the neighbors, roast tiny marshmallows over a candle with a toothpick & make mini smores while you “camp” in the den, make a snow-day scrapbook…

    Winter doesn’t last forever…