High Country Baby Photo Wrap Up

We have over 70 entries in the High Country Baby Photo Contest! I’m so excited! With that many sweet baby photos, I’m bound to have made a mistake.  So be sure to look for your photos in the respective categories below.  Let me know if yours is missing or in the wrong category.

*** The deadline will be extended through Tuesday Night (Oct 28), to give everyone a chance to enter, if you’d like.***

Save the date for the party!

  • Thursday, November 6th 6:00- 7:30 PM
  • The Mom Squad will provide the popcorn, and you can purchase dinner at the theater if you’d like. Check out the Dragonfly website for the menu!

You do not have to have an entry in the contest to attend!  The more the merrier! You do not have to be present to win, although it will be a TON of fun, and there will be door prizes!







  1. Hey, I was looking at the photos and my son’s isn’t in the slide show… I received an email back when I submitted the photo that you received it.. do I need to e-mail it again?

  2. Got it, Erica! Sorry about that!

  3. Hi Sarah.

    I see Jodah’s picture, but not Beren’s. Just wondering it you received it. The e-mails were sent at the same time. Thanks!

  4. Nicole Barker says

    I also did not see the photo of my son, and I too recieved an email that you got it and also saw it on the a few days ago, but now it is not. Do I too need to resend

  5. OK I found Beren’s! I’ll get it up tonight!

  6. Awesome! Thanks.

  7. We plan on being there next Thursday.

  8. i do not see my childs photo sent several weeks ago. Can you let me know. Thanks

  9. Hey Sarah,
    I did not see Hunter’s picture. I sent it in about 3 weeks ago. Can I resend it?

  10. Ashley Hoge says

    Hey Sarah, Hayden’s pic is not showing. I sent it to you a while back. I entered it in the cutest baby. Thanks!

  11. Thanks for bringing those to my attention guys! All of these should be added now, keep letting me know!

  12. Ashley Hoge says

    Thanks Sarah. Hope to see you Thursday night. It is our anniversary but maybe we can come for a bit before Josh and I go to dinner.