High Country Mom: Amy Forrester

Explore... the Appalachian MountainsMeet fellow High Country mom Amy Forrester! Amy has lived here with her husband Mike for 12 years, and has two daughters, Marley(6) and Delia(5). Mike manages Canyons restaurant in Blowing Rock, and Amy is the director of marketing and production for High Country Marketing, which publishes The Real Estate Book. Mike and Amy moved away for one year, all the while trying to figure out how to come back! She says that “some people are just meant to live here.” I wholeheartedly agree, because I am one of those people.

I first met Amy in the lobby of Studio K Dance Workshop, where our children take dance lessons. We would talk while our girls danced, and I shared my ideas for the High Country Mom Squad with her. (along with anyone else who would listen) This is when Amy told me she was working to publish a High Country travel guide magazine, Explore… the Appalachian Mountains, with distribution throughout the state! They also have an accompanying website, www.ncexplore.com. This was so intriguing to me, since I’ve been foraging into the publishing world with my websites. How do you put together a whole magazine? She writes articles, takes photos, sells ads, and works with the actual production of the magazine! Amazing! More amazingly, she does it while juggling her role as a wife and mom.

Working in the tourism and hospitality industry for years, Amy found that people were asking the same questions.

“Where can I get a good cup of coffee?”
“Where is the closest WiFi hotspot?”
“What can I do with my kids while I’m here?”
“Where are the best places to eat?”

When she started working at High Country Marketing, she realized that all those years of answering those questions prepared her perfectly for publishing Explore Magazine!

In looking through the website, I realized that Explore has many features that benefit locals, as well as visitors! If you visit this website, you’ll be reminded what a paradise we live in! Here are some of the features of the website:

  • Green Living – highlighting some “green” businesses, and tips.
  • Dining – with a great article about local family-owned bakery, Stick Boy.
  • Relaxation – including an article about recreation with kids.
  • The Great Outdoors – featuring safety tips for activities.

One question I get often is, “How did you think to start the Mom Squad?” I simply thought about what I was passionate about, and figured how to begin to make a living doing it! I love kids and families, sharing tips and news, blogging, connecting with other moms, and finding great businesses and activities for families. Voila! The Mom Squad.

Amy is passionate about the High Country, sharing her mountain home with visitors, and helping connect residents and vacationers with a quality experience here! The result is Explore…The Appalachian Mountains. Check it out!

If you’re reading this from “down the mountain,” as we say here, and you’d like to get a free copy of Explore Magazine, visit your Harris Teeter (not available at High Country Harris Teeters). Or just leave a comment here, and I’ll send one to you!.


  1. Amy Forrester says:

    Thanks, Sarah, for the nice profile… I wanted to let people know that while Explore is not available in our local Harris Teeter, they can pick it up in many of the local racks that hold The Real Estate Book, including Mast General Store in Boone, Dan’l Boone Inn, Boone Mall, and other retail and restaurant establishments, along with the local Chambers of Commerce! Hope you guys enjoy it!

  2. Amy, this is awesome! I had no idea you did all this! Hope you are well!

  3. Ann Franck says:

    You really are truly amazing. You have such great ideas with the magazine and I can tell it will be a great success with your input. And you are a wonderful mother to your sweet little girls! I don’t know how you manage it all, but you do it with grace and I admire you for that.

  4. I am so proud of my niece! She is amazing – and always has been in my book. Great Job!! You really are a super mom and wonderful at getting it all done! Love, Aunt Debbie

  5. I really enjoy all of your posts. I am moving to the area and have found all of the information you provide very helpful. Thanks so much!