High Country Mom: Kim Soucek

Today, for our ongoing High Country Moms Series, we’re talking with Kim Soucek, of Boone.  I’ve known Kim for about 7 years; we met right around the time my family began attending Alliance Bible Fellowship.  At that time, her husband Dan was the leader of Young Life in the High Country, ministering to the area’s youth.  Kim was the organizer of the first playgroup I attended. It was such a wonderful time of getting to know other moms, (and getting out of the house!)  I asked her to tell us a little more about herself, her family, and starting a playgroup


Hi, I am Kim Soucek and to borrow a line from Dr. Laura Schlessinger , I am my children’s mother.I have three children: Isaac (7), Janie Ann (4) and Lucy (16 mo.).

My husband Dan and I have been married for 16 years, living in the High Country for nine of those years. As parents, we can’t imagine a better place to raise our family than right here. In fact, we love it so much that Dan decided to run for NC House of Representatives! His wish is to do his best to protect and serve this area which we adore. Please check out his website at www.fansofdan.com and consider voting for him Nov. 4th.

When Isaac was just six months old, I was eager to begin life with my child. A few friends and I decided to get together on a weekly basis for play dates – and for mom dates too! I was amazed at the solid friendships these little guys had at such a young age. They would genuinely get excited when they saw each other around town or church. That playgroup quickly grew from four moms and infants to a whole page of names. We had so much fun meeting at different parks and homes from West Jefferson to Blowing Rock, Newland, Banner Elk and Boone, even traveling to Hickory on occasion.

The dreaded winter days with a toddler became fun as Alliance Bible Fellowship opened up the gym for us to bring in bikes, balls, toys and such. What a great energy release! The moms didn’t just sit in a corner either – we played and released our own energy.

As more children were added to the group, smaller groups formed; siblings were added and sadly siblings began school. I look at the children who are now 3rd graders and miss them so much! I enjoy watching these children grow and fondly remember their precious 1-2 year old faces, hairstyles and voices.

When Janie Ann was a toddler I was ready for a slower pace. Two other friends and I decided to have a weekly “bagel club.” We alternated houses and who would pick up bagels on the way there. We enjoyed laughing with each other and the kids were learning together.

Janie Ann is now in the More-At-Four program and I am home for the first time with just Lucy. I am remembering back to the playgroup days and wondering what my time with Lucy will look like. Will we find a playgroup? I don’t know. But if you see us or meet us out, I would love to talk with you and share some laughter!



  1. I’m proud of you my daughter and I know dad is looking down with pride! Love, Mom