Holiday Photo Contest: We Need YOUR input!

Allright gals, this photo contest has been slow-starting, and I’m just not feelin’ the enthusiasm yet!  So I’d like to ask for your help getting this party started!  I know I said we couldn’t do it on Facebook, but call me a rebel, there are still contests going on there every day, so we are going to do it on Facebook, doggone it!

If you would answer these questions about the contest, and leave a comment I would SOOOOO appreciate it!  I want to make sure I do what you all want to do, because this site is here for you, after all!



  1. What kind of photos are you wanting? If you want holiday photos, it might be better to wait until January?

  2. Thanks, Niki! I added that question on there.

  3. I would include a non-holiday category for things like “winter pictures” or “food and feasts” or ” family gatherings” that tend to happen around the holidays.