Homemade Pregnancy Tea

For many herbs use is safe and nutritious for a pregnant mama, just make sure you do your research as to which herbs are safe and not contraindicated during pregnancy.  The safest and most wonderful herbs to make teas out of on a regular basis are Red Raspberry leave and even Nettle leaves.

There is a time-tested tradition of making a tea out of organic cut Red Raspberry Leaves in order to strengthen the uterus, prevent morning sickness, and even enhance mood. During my own pregnancy I typically drink a cup of a blend containing Red Raspberry Leaves nightly and often make a whole gallon of iced tea to drink throughout the day. I would highly recommend adding a tea infusion of Red Raspberry Leaf to any pregnant diet. Not only does Red Raspberry tea add to ones nutritional intake for the day, but drinking tea on a regular basis can add to your fluid intake as well. In order to add even more nutrients into ones cup of tea you can try this herbal pregnancy tea blend.

Pregnancy Tea

In a mason jar or any container add

1 cup of cut dried Red Raspberry Leaves

1 cup of cut and dried Oat Straw

1/2 cup of cut dried Peppermint Leaves

Shake Well. This tea can be brewed hot and drank hot or brewed hot and drank cold. You can easily put loose tea in your cup and strain or purchase mesh tea balls for your loose tea.

Bulk Herbs can be grown in your own garden or easily purchased form either of my favorite quality sources like the Bulk Herb Store or Mountain Rose Herbs.

If you’d rather, you can also purchase Red Raspberry Leaf tea or other herbal Pregnancy Tea‘s in ready made tea bag form.