How to Keep Front Loading Washers Mold-Free

“Wait,” you say. “You don’t have a front loading washer!”

Why yes, you are correct! But one of my best friends Amber does!  And she doesn’t have a blog, so I will be her surrogate blogger for the day! I was hanging out at her house the other day, doing laundry.  Well, she was doing laundry, while we both cooked dinner and the kids were playing. The guys were watching football, if you must know. It’s nice to have a friend that you can do laundry and cook dinner with, and have fun at the same time.

But I digress…

Anyway, as she was unloading the washer, I asked her if she had problems with smelliness or mold, since I had heard lots of stories about this particular problem.  She said, “Nope.”  I’m not sure if that’s exactly what she said, but you get the gist.

Anyway, she gave me a couple of easy tricks to keep the mold growth down, should I ever be able to afford get front loading washer/dryer:

front loading washer

Leave the door to the washer open after you are done washing your loads. If you leave it open, the seal area can dry out, discouraging mold growth and odor.

Save your bleach load as your last load. When you dry the bleached clothes, some of the bleach will sort of clean out any bacteria in the machine. Amber washes her towels with a little bleach and saves that for the last load.

Wipe underneath the seal after if ever you’re done with the laundry. Amber says she doesn’t even need to do this, as the previous two tips keep her washer nice and clean and good-smelling.

Do you have a front loading washer? Do you wish you did? (raises hand) Have you had mold or odor problems? Got any tips?

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PS. This is not my laundry room.  Hint: You can see the floor

Creative Commons License photo credit: unfoldedorigami

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  1. These are good tips. I have top loading. I hate them (but I rent and can not replace. My landlord swears they’re new)! And for some reason they always smell. I have tried running them empty to see if that would help but no, it doesn’t. I’ll have to try the bleached loads as my last load. My clothes never smell but the laundry machine does. Weird. Can’t wait to own a house again because if these machines belonged to me, I would be thinking of creative ways to get rid of them 🙂

  2. Certain detergents and all liquid fabric softeners encourage mold growth.
    I keep an old hand towel on the machine using a clip magnet, making it handy to wipe the washer dry.