It’s Mardi Gras at Joes Italian Kitchen

If you can’t get to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, you can get the next best thing- at least as far as food is concerned!

joes-logo-copyIf you’ve been to Joe’s Italian Kitchen, you know that the traditional Italian food is the next best thing to Brooklyn.  And the atmosphere makes me feel like I’m at my Italian grandparents house in NY.

Joe’s boasts the only ‘real’ NY pizza in the High Country, and they are telling the truth!  I can testify to that fact! Owner and head chef Joe Cafaro and his 85-year-old father serve up recipes that have been in their family for 100 years.  I had the pleasure of cooking a meal with Joe for joe-picMom Squad TV the other day, and I have one word for you: YUM!  He put together a quick, easy and inexpensive dinner that we moms can make at home.

But Joe doesn’t only cook Italian faves.  In addition to the full Italian Menu, he’ll be offering a full range of Cajun selections, like Red Beans and Rice, Jambalaya, Gumbo, Crawfish Quiche, Po-Boy Shrimp Sandwich, Crawfish Etouffee, and much more. The Cajun Menu runs through February, and after that, they’ll be doing Irish Food for St. Patty’s Day.

My absolute favorite Italian dish is Baked Ziti.  Joe has Baked Ziti on the lunch menu for only $5.25.  That’s as much as I would spend at a burger joint and it’s enough for Little Pea and I to share!  And for every dollar you spend, you’ll get a percentage back  (In JoeBucks) for your next meal.  Anyway, if you’re looking for a great Italian meal you should check out Joe’s.  Sometimes he’ s a little cranky but, “Hey!  Fuh-git-about-it”


  1. I have to say that Joe’s is my absolute favorite for Italian! I just love the atmosphere and the food!! I am super excited about the Cajun menu too! I can’t wait to try it!