January Weekend Events: The Snows of the Century! 01/14-16

The weather this Winter Season has just been incredible…already! I don’t mind it and enjoy seeing God’s beautiful creation, but it has been a lot of snow and I know many people have a hard time. Not to mention getting Cabin Fever, but the ones that do have to work in this, and then having to get kids out for childcare, not being able to get to the Grocery Store, and of course, the kids yelling, “I’M BORED!!!”. Being alone or having a houseful can bring anyone to the point of screaming. So what can we do to help these intense snow days and weekends that I am calling our “Snows of the Century”?

Sarah has a great story on this very subject called “Help Build Our Snow Day Survival Kit!”. It is chock full of such amazing ideas from readers just like you! Make sure that you take advantage of these helpful and fun ideas and put your creative juices to flowing and ADD to it!

Unfortunately, there is not really anything going on this weekend that I could find, but take advantage of the opportunities to build relationships with your family members and neighbors.

Tell us about what you are doing to get through this time! We want to hear from YOU!


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Hope to see you soon!

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  1. Board games and bored games…I mean, housecleaning!